At Wit's End with the Q2/MSFS2020

Ok, so I bought a Quest2 recently. I had the Rift S. I am wondering - is Asobo planning on making the Q2 compatible with MSFS2020? Because the frame rates I am now getting with this thing sitting anywhere within 50 miles of New York City is about 4. I turn my head left and I see black, and then the scene turns left and catches up. I dont know what this is called. Stenciling? No idea what I am doing wrong. I likely screwed up and bought too much airport and other scenery. I have NYC and NJ bridges fix, all Taburet roads, KTEB, and other add-ons. Am I only supposed to be running flight sim with no add-ons or something? Or only people with top of the line systems “allowed” access to New York City?

I thought my system was petty close to top of the line. I have dumped somewhere around $6000 into this sim in anticipation of MSFS2020 in VR (not only for MSFS, mainly for DCS). What a major disappointment and waste of money with MSFS. I have dumped so much cash into this. I would be more upset if DCS and other VR games did not work right. But they all work fine in VR on the Q2. (I am having problems also with XP using the Q2, again ■■■■ frame rates and CTDs now). This sim just continues to have major issues.

After the SU6 update, I recall zipping and zinging all around Manhattan with multiple live players as we darted in between buildings with fantastic frame rates. This lasted about one day, and I never again saw such frame rates. What happened to that? I cant even use multiplayer now, the frame rates become so bad, whether using the Rift S or the Q2. This past year has been such a disappointment with this sim. Every day it is always some problem. The mouse cursor quits working inside the sim, bad frame rates, CTDs, UI glitches, etc.

So after ranting, my question would be wth is wrong with Q2/MSFS2020 compatibility? Is it something to do with having to use this file reading thing - deny access to files, enable the old Oculus app in order for it work? I have never seen such poor frame rates since FS1. I am next going to try removing all community folder packages. I guess I might have to delete KTEB I bought and all the New York add ons. Smdh What a mess this sim is. If yours works, I’m happy for ya. Mine sucks and continues to suck.

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Thanks, wrong forum, apologies.

I’d be surprised if something that severe is caused by add ons but maybe… Do you have crazily high render scale, terrain/object Lod or steam supersamplimg settings?


Try virtual desktop :ok_hand:

Can I suggest you check out VR Flightsim Guy on You Tube. He has a Discord that you can ask questions on also. He has tested many VR headsets and has a preference for the G2 but loves his Q2. He has shown that the Q2 works very well in MSFS, so maybe you might see how he is achieving these results.

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Ok I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Their website says virtual desktop is not for the Quest.

Maybe. I did adjust the LOD in the config file a while back.

I just tried a flight on the other sim that starts with X. No stable view, it just bounces around all over the place. I cant even focus well enough to flip the APU switch frame rates are so bad.

If VR Sim Guy cant give me a solution, I think I’ll be going back to the Rift S. I went through the same thing with the HP Reverb G2 a few months back, and ended up selling the thing and going back to the Rift. I figured the Q2 would be the same thing as the Rift S, but improved. I guess my i9-10900x processor and RTX2080 Super cant handle more advanced headsets for some reason. Or I am not holding my mouth right. Heh

Check out in youre quest shop for virtual desktop. I have a quest 2 and it runs amazing!!

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Virtual desktop definitely works on quest 2, it’s my favourite way to run msfs as you can adjust brightness/gamma down


I made another flight using the Rift S. Wow, what a difference. It feels so much better on my head and I truly think the graphics are superior. I have no screen door effect using the Rift I have heard about so much. If only they could fix the issue where the USB port and display port becomes unconnected at least once per flight. Usually it’s when I am about 1nm from landing. They (Oculus) cant seem to solve this issue, maybe it’s a bad cord, IDK. But the Q2 just makes my head and eyes ache. I think I will probably sell this one also. But I’ll give it one more go using your suggestion and see if things improve. Thanks.

Hi. I bought a Quest 2 the other day, primarily because after all these years I was getting a little bored with simming. Wow did it inject new life into an old hobby.
That said, I tried it out in the “other sim that starts with X,” using the Cowan sim MD500 (my favorite helo) and the Beti-X scenery at Bella Coola. Visually, it’s as nice as anything in this sim (can’t wait for Laminar to improve the lighting).
My experience was smooth and very beautiful flight. My machine is not top of the line, but not down in the dumps either, and XP handled it very well.
I’m finding MSFS a little tricky and tweaky, and am going to try tweaking around with it today.
My graphics card is an RTX 2060 Super and does OK.
So, the point of this? I guess just to say hang in there and keep flying.

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Then I have some major bottleneck somewhere. My ignorance of technology is likely the cause I guess. I’m doing something wrong. I’ll probably never know.

It would be nice in my 40 years of flight simming if I ever met one person in real life who also sims. I dont know anyone who knows a thing about computers or flight sims. I never have my entire life. It would be so nice to have someone who knows this stuff inside and out as a next door neighbor.

Most, if not all, the YouTube-ers are running very high-end machines that don’t even break a sweat when running VR, so I’m beginning to find they’re not much help. It’s understandable, because who ever brags about the performance they’re getting from a 64 VW bug they bought for $500. The eye-candy videos are best at sucking the novice into springing for a VR headset and setting them up for disappointment and frustration.
I’ve been into this hobby since the very early days, and I have to admit I, too, have never run into anyone in real life who shared my interest. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve been able to solve most problems, and for the most part have been trouble-free.
But as it is said, calm seas don’t make good sailors, and a trouble-free computer system or software gets boring after a while. Sometimes it seems simming isn’t about flying, it’s about tweaking.
Oh, well, it’s early and I’m just rambling.

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Yeah, I think I derailed my own post ha.

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