ATC a bit too optimistic

Is it me or should the (in-built) ATC be asking my little Cessna 152 to ascend to 17,000 feet, some 2,000 feet above its service ceiling? Something for a Zendesk report or am I missing something?

Hi @trgz,
Yes, what you find there has been around for a bit! It wouldn’t hurt to file this as a bug with zendesk:

Thanks - I’ll try to recreate it with an empty Community folder and submit a bug

It also depends on your flight plan. If you create a route with 17000 ft altitude, ATC will instruct you to go there. You’re responsible for your own flight plan.

Good point. I’ve not really been making flight plans* - at the moment I just set a departure, and an arrival, and then fly VFR and enjoy the view. I’ll check out to see what is being ‘generated’ with this simple/lazy approach and see if my ignorance is part of the cause before submitting a bug report.
(*though I have recently started looking at how to use LittleNavMap to start learning to fly with a compass and watch)

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