ATC Acknowledge key

Is there a key or a way to acknowledge an ATC transmission without opening the ATC window? Keyboard, or controller. If not there should be one.

The number keys are by default bound to the respective line of the ATC window, even when this is closed.
And most of the time the “acknoledge” is the first option. So the key “1” would do the job most of the time…

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Tried to find a list of what the different options are, but couldn’t find a list.

Go to the controller you want to bind something to, and ensure you’re showing all bindings, not “assigned” or “essential”, then search for “ATC”. I think it’s called “ATC Panel Choice 1” but I’m not in the sim now.

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The options will vary depending on the situation / airport.

95% of the time, if you need to check into a new frequency after handoff or acknowledge something from ATC, #1 is your choice.

Outside of that, you really need to open the ATC panel and see the options.

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^^^^ THIS. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve screwed this up because I thought it was option 2, when it was really option 4. I finally just said screw it, and set up a second monitor for ATC/VFR map

By default, I THINK controls are bound to your top row of numbers, NOT your number pad (Num1 is elevator trim nose up by default). You don’t need to sit there hitting 1 over and over, wondering why you’re not responding to ATC, while simultaneously putting yourself into a stall…

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Correct. ATC commands are bound to the top 1-0 keys. Numpad keys control the plane.

Personally, I find it handy to have a button on your yoke / controller to toggle the ATC window. You can just open it quickly when you need it and close it again without having to mess with the keyboard.

Like I said, 95% of the time, your reply to ATC will be #1. Of that remaining 5%, 75% of that will be 2, 3, or 4. I have all of those commands bound on my yoke as well. I can quickly pop open my ATC window, choose and send my reply, then close the ATC window without ever taking my hands off my yoke. Only when I need to issue more complicated commands (navigating ground at a large international airport, doing VFR approach callouts, searching for an alternate airport, etc) do I have to use keys 5-0.


The second monitor sound like the way to go. But how do you know what the options are for each key? Using the mouse to roam back and forth seems cumbersome.

Just keep in mind that until Asobo acknowledge then fix the issue, undocking your ATC window to move to another monitor could cost you up to 50% of your fps, if not more.

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An alternative is to use the co-pilot to handle ATC responses, as they are mostly only confirming a directive, changing frequency, or sighting traffic.

I don’t switch the assist on until I have taxied to the runway (to avoid getting an early pushback), and the co-pilot seems to go to sleep once you have left the runway at your destination, so this works well for me.

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I mapped the ATC window to C, so it’s right next to the default V for the map window. Makes it pretty convenient…

Actually, I have my Xbox controller attached to my yoke, so the ATC window is actually on that, but on the yoke close at hand nonetheless. I make every effort to completely eliminate the use of mouse and keyboard in my cockpit.

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It’s easier to just bind the radio dialog box to the old FSX key; the tilde (~) button. From there, it’s simply a matter of traversing right to get to the appropriate response, hit tilde again, dialog box hidden. Really quite fast once you get used to it.

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This sounds ideal.

Can you recall what that function is called in the binding config?

Search for ATC in the controls settings. It will show you the toggle key as well as the ATC 1-0.

I already remapped ATC responses over to numpad a while ago but if I can toggle the window open/closed then I can avoid taking that massive FPS hit from having it on another monitor.

In the longer term it would be neat to use sim-connect to actually transfer the response list to a completely different networked device so I could have the dialogue box open - on another monitor but that monitor is being driven by my 2nd PC.

(I guess there comes a point where sim-connect network stuff gets saturated but…)

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The toggle works fine. I have mine set to the scroll lock key and can easily pop open the window, see the options and press the appropriate number. As said above ,95% of the time you don’t need to do this, just press 1 and that works.

Even with opening the window it usually takes less than five seconds to open, see options, press number key and close.

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