ATC altitude vs Flight Plan altitude

That is something I am still waiting to hear the MFSF2020 controller say.
Typically at the point where they should say that, they just pass me off to Tower.

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I have the same problem with EHAM tower they tell me to go high to 29000 feet but it is wrong

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I have same problem - ATC assigning 17,000 ft for C152 and then drops ability to request a lower, different altitude, then keeps harassing to expedite climb.


I just filed a bug where using a flight plan with 12000’ MSL way points, ATC was instructing me to go between 10K, 12K, 14K back to 12K back to 14K, back to 12K over and over and over and did not stop. This went on for over 40 minutes - but I was enjoying my flight over the Sierras/Kings Canyon/Taboose Pass so just ignored the repeats. As soon as I descended and contacted the airport, it stopped.

On another tangent, I was flying short hops between two local airports and after departure, the tower contacts me with landing clearance (I never asked for it), I cancelled, then before I could do anything it gave me clearance again - on in a loop until I was able to break out by using the keyboard shortcuts to select another airport.

In a C 172 latest build.
KFAT TO Bishop Taboos Pass .PLN (4.5 KB)

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ATC is broken but hopefully it will be fixed in the future. Maybe it will be a purchasable mod like before. ATC works to a certain degree but flight levels are never reliable. They told me to climb and maintain FL380 when I was about 20NM from Phuket… #nosedive

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Telling a (no responsive) GA Cessna to climb to FL380, is like telling the pilot to “go away, go back to sleep, don’t bother me anymore” !!
Maybe that controller has a “Sense of Humor” - but I wonder how funny they find it when they loose their job !!

Same issue. Fligthplan was filed at 10.000 feet and ATC confirmed a climb to that ALT after take off. But after a while on cruising ALT ATC will send me first to FL210 and after some seconds to FL240. With a Daher TBM 930 and a flight distance of 149 nm - ridiculous.

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The “please expedite” instruction really needs to be removed altogether until Asobo is able to spend quality time improving ATC.

If a feature isn’t up to par (like ATC), that’s understable, but please don’t code the game to try and enforce it. It’s incredibly frustrating and downright dumb.


I get this all the time. Why can’t ATC get the cruise altitude from the plan and similarly the ascend and descend points? That is kind of why we file a plan!

Have reported as a bug and encourage others to do so as well. It’s a real pain in the butt.

I see exactly the same thing.
Bonanza G36 over UK. Low Alt IFR and set cruise alt at 6000ft, Barometer checked and updated frequently.
ATC altitude instructions to climb to 20,000ft - that’s higher than the Bonanza can go.

Have tried various flights over UK in recent days (in Bonanza G36 & DA62 and UK ATC will eventually direct you above service ceiling)



Yeah it seems to assume you’re climbing to FL450 or something like that…

Yes, ATC does have some issues. Let’s hope the Sim update on March 8th will fix some of the problems.

Not sure if there is a list of what fixes are on the update.

When one opens the WORLD MAP in Flight sim to make your Flight Parth. Look to the Right in the World Map near the Top of the Map and it says NAVAID. I think :slight_smile: Click on that and another box opens so you can then alter your flight altitude on the top right side next to your flight Parth that you may have already set. So when you have done that and you start flying, your ATC should be saying the right Altitude. ATC lets you Increase or to Decrees your Altitude. When I find it saying to fly highter or lower its because this the above has not been set or you forget to like me. If this does not WORK. Then I myself have made a BIG Mistake and have let you ALL Down. One can only TRY. Anyway it works for me :slight_smile:


Some problems? Well today i was on a quick trip from EDDF to EGLL with A32NX. Around 20 miles out of LOGAN, ATC already asked me to descend to 12000 feet with QNH given. I currently don’t know the transition alt in the UK but it was kinda ruining the whole approach into Heathrow. When I reached Heathrow the runway changed from R to L, even though expected was R. So i changed runway which then led ATC to a missed approach.

I’ve been trying our IFR flights in the longitude. ATC wanted me at FL450 nearly all the way to my destination. If j had followed it is have had to nose dive to land anywhere near Nice

I’m currently at max cruise altitude of the Daher 930. ATC keeps nagging me to climb above that (set at fl300 in the Nav log). I’m ignoring ATC. I’d love to tell them they can go up to FL 320 without oxygen but I can’t.
I wish there were a commnd the pilot can say used in the real world - “Unable”. It would be nice if that statement could be implemented by Asobo.

Looks like this issue needs some attention real soon. I was trying an IFR flight from London City to Luxembourg requesting ILS RW24 in the Cessna Longitude. ATC left me at FL220 until 20nm to the IAP which is way too high. The real approach lets you start at DIK (Diekirch) at 3000ft until the FAP which is the ELU NDB after which you should capture the glideslope and descent all the way to RWY24.
Nope, not with FS2020 ATC. :sob:
I was not able to get lower than 11000ft until the FAP at which I declared a missed.
Well, then ATC cleared me at a missed that is not published and furthermore reassigned me to the RNAV24 approach which, by the way, does not exist in ELLX!
I thought ASOBO partnered with some company (Jepsen?) to make real procedures available???

Please get this fixed! I can’t use ATC for an IFR flight because of that!

Also my experience, ATC and IFR don’t go well together in MSFS, to put it mildly. I tend to ignore ATC on approaches, because I like to survive flights.
Outdated or wrong navdata is another problem, which also needs sorting.

Use the same navtec airac data version in MSFS and Simbrief then there are no discrepancies.

The problem is not the data, but the way MSFS ATC implement the data in the flightplan and the altitude data of the airways you are flying on.

Top of descent is not always followed by a ATC call to descent to a lower altitude.
Asobo has to do some programming to make it better, but i think it’s not there priority. :cry: