ATC and AI not working

ATC and AI features have totally stopped working. This was before the mandatory update of 2 September, and the update did not resolve this. I’m guessing this is an issue at Microsoft’s end. Anyone else getting this?


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Just try a flight

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i7 10700k RTX 3080 32GB

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not yet

This has been an issue for me since SU5, I get ATC for part of the flight but never the latter part.
I here my co pilots responses however.

I have nothing. No ATC, no pushback request options (just a list of departure runways - if I select on I hear ‘my’ voice but ATC doesn’t respond.

If I set AI pilot from the start there is no communication with ATC. The aircraft just moves off to taxi, frequently going over scenery object and/or ground crew(!)

AI pilot will fly a route but will not halt at appropriate taxi markers.

It’s totally screwy. Please, someone help. I don’t want to reinstall for 2 days :frowning:

This has happened in the last few days, since the last time I used FS AI pilot to enjoy a VR flight from London to Paris

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I had to reinstall MSFS earlier this week. My Community folder is empty. I installed all the Marketplace scenery updates. I can get in and fly, but I just can’t get the AI or the ATC to work. I’m using Windows 10.

Typical flight in Hawaii (oh, time in Hawaii is off. We don’t have DST):

Create flight plan in Navigraph. Save to folder. Switch to MSFS. Load up flight plan, hit Fly,

I get in to the aircraft and everything looks normal. Copilot is set to handle trim and radio comms. Open up ATC menu. The only thing there is “Ground Services,” but if I click that nothing happens.

I’m glad I am not the only one having this issue. I was going crazy trying to fix it!

Man, I feel your pain.

I have just gone through the 2 day hell (on a 20Mbps connection) of a total reinstall after I exhausted all less severe possible solutions. I’m happy to say it’s now working again but I think it is a real omission on a piece of software this size that it doesn’t have a robust file integrity checker built in (or maybe the dreadful MS Store should…). After all it has been working fine on Steam for years.

Anyhow after 2 days of not touching my PC - as the FS installer is very delicate and likes to crash every time you Word or something, it’s back and even through the hassles I’m really glad to have it. I got to explore so much of the world through FS when we were locked down I now have a bucket list of places I want to visit now.

Hope you find a fix for your issue soon :slight_smile:

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Finally got things running tonight. Updated the GPU drivers (GeForce RTX 2070), Removed and reinstalled the FS Economy stuff. Removed and reinstalled all my Navigraph stuff. Some combination of those things stopped the random CTDs (so far), brought my ATC back, and allowed me to fly two 50 min flights in the C208. AND, because of SU5, I was able to bump my global settings up to “high.” I now see anywhere from 30-45 fps depending on the phase of flight. I’m not a “fps” chaser by any means. If the game runs smoothly enough for me not to complain, that’s all I need! :slight_smile:

My ai aircraft are not working either