ATC and other windows in a second monitor

i can mov the atc and other windows to a second monitor.
But after update, i can’t click any points on the menu.

Can you click on them if you drag that pop up window back to the monitor MSFS runs on i.e. is it just the pop out menu, or only when on that second monitor?

hi, thanks for reply. it’s only in second monitor.
In MSFS Monitor running good. i’d no issues with second monitor bevor update

I have everything pulled to a second monitor and don’t have a problem.
Have you tried to “reset” all those panels from the drown down? I think I’ve only had to do that once which I think was the 2nd Patch to MSFS.

I tried without success.
i have played and experimented with the external window.
I’ve moved the external window into two monitors.
Half of the window in MSFS Monitor is ok. The other half in the second monitor don’t work.

On your main monitor, have you tried it running MSFS in fullscreen instead of windowed? Then on your other monitor, pull in what you want from the drop down. That’s how I do mine.

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You’re right. that’s the solution.Thank you very much… :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

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If I am in full screen i’m unable to click or touch any of the exported touch screens from different aircraft. I have a touch screen monitor. i’ve tried touch screen, exporting as a virtual monitor to an ipad, and vnc connection of a second monitor. no dice unless windowed.

What you are trying to do does have to be in a windowed screen.
This is something many have requested that full multimonitor support is need. Support for this isn’t fully implemented.