Where's Tower View?

It works for me on another screen and can interact. I did have to reset the panels once, around patch 2.

Highly recommend getting to grips with the drone (and the use of the C key to toggle between controlling the aircraft and controlling the drone if using a single controller).

It does take a bit of time to get used to, but once you’ve nailed it the things you can do are wonderful…


You can add your custom static views, but internal tower views are not modelled as far as I know. Unless any custom scenery has added them to their airports (I don´t have any).


Something like this, sorry for the low quality of the picture, if you fly with the drone into the tower its possible to look the drone in its menu. But its not the same as in fs 2004 or fsx, i think haven’t done so much with it yet. But its a start you can view from the tower airport activity and it will train some drone skills as well i like this feature in msfs2020 very much.

I believe the tower view is still back in 2006.

Thanks for your suggestion, FlightSimGuy. I tried it just now and I found that pressing my ‘C’ key disables the S-centric drone keys; I’ll have to remember this the next time those keys don’t respond. But I agree, I’ll just have to get comfortable with the drone’s intricacies.

I haven’t waded through the forum to a great extent, and certainly not as much as I need to; I fully intend to do so but the number of subjects seems to boggle the mind at times. Not only subjects, the number of categories where said subjects reside appears daunting.

Wrapping my head around MSFS peculiarities is work. But that’s okay, I love it. Would you care to suggest a good drone tutorial?

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Are your monitors the same resolution?

No. My main is 34" resolution is default 2560x1080 (displayport) and second is 23" touchscreen at 1920x1080 (hdmi).

Crunch… try this:

Thanks, but I already run MSFS in full screen. Never ran it windowed. I’ve tried every permutation of this imaginable.

My main monitor is a 3440 x 1440. Secondary is 4K. I also have a 15.6 touch screen that I don’t typically have connected.

I run MSFS in full screen on the 3440x1440 and run my other stuff like Navigraph on the 4K. That’s also where I break my windows out to. I’ve tried resetting scaling to 100% (in the 4K window), reducing its resolution to 2560 x 1440, etc and no go. Same deal with the touch monitor when I tried it. I spent so much time trying to get this working to no avail.

Doesn’t matter what I do, I can’t interact with break out windows on a secondary monitor.

Yes please Asobo and Microsoft please introduce Tower view in an update. This is honestly one of the best things along with replay. Tower view is as if you are a planespotter watching a plane land and its key to the experience. I am honestly kind of disappointed. Please fix this in an additional update.


Tower view is gone along with tons of other useful features from FSX, like being able to replay your flights, the actual manual explaining how the avionics and aircraft work, the many flight lessons, 2D panels you could put on a 2nd monitor to create simpit setups, actual interesting aircraft in the default aircraft (like the DC-3 and flying boat) instead of every boring single engine GA aircraft currently on the market…


hey there there is a little app called FLIGHT RECORER which is also free and works very good to replay your flights.

give it a go it’s very light and easy to use…it change my experience !!! at least we can now have a replay waiting for the official one

i meant FLIGHT RECORDER obviously :slight_smile:

I believe you can generate your own fixed view by choosing the camera options in the pop up bar using the drone view. I personally have not tried this, but I’ve read about it and seen vids on it. Check it out.

The drone view mode is absolutely terrible and should be drastically reworked. Why can we use the mouse to pan around. Why can’t we lock it to the horizon. And so on. It’s incredibly user-unfriendly. Also “Lock to Target” is completely broken and does not work at all.

VIEW DDRONE VIEW AND PRESS THE CTRL AND F2, you can adjust the illuminance

I don’t understand this at all. I have a gaming laptop with a 15.6 screen that runs the game and have attached a 32 inch monitor. I pull my ATC / Camera / AI duties / and my instant replay window from www.Flightsim.to all to the laptop’s screen. I have no issues other than sometimes I have to use my mouse a bit.
My IT skills are akin to a monkey trying to ■■■■ a football. Thus, I am surprised I am able to do something right for once

For REAL! Also want playback function. Playback is perhaps MOST important and fun function. Without it, it’s just an arcade game. Also I’d ask developers to add a free cam view like in XPlane. Not “drone”. I’m talking about an easy to use free cam that you can move anywhere and just observe from ground or air.

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