ATC communication using voice recognition


At some point, it would enhance the realism of the game to be able to speak on frequency with air traffic control or on an uncontrolled CTAF using a gaming headset or real aviation headset, if you have the adapter.
Ideally, ATC would be able to perform some basic AI tasks, such as:

  • Interpreting some degree of loose phraseology as a human controller would (People can debate whether it would allow slang like “in the box” and “on the fish finder”, but my opinion is that if a real-life controller would accept (read: tolerate) it, it should be okay for use.)
  • Be able to understand variations of words/phrases (such as “Cessna 316TS” vs “Skyhawk 316TS” vs “6TS”, or “point” vs “decimal”, or “contact ground on 121.9” vs “contact ground .9”)
  • Be able to understand if phrases are moved around (e.g. “Climb and maintain 8000, turn right heading 210” versus “Turn right heading 210, climb and maintain 8000”)

Note: Text-based ATC right now (October 2020) needs a lot of work to be more realistic, so I’m not advocating for this right now, but it would go a long way to adding to the realism of the sim.
Also note: Yes, there are services like VATSIM, but there are a lot of rules for those services. This would be a nice way of not worrying about all of the rules. Or it could be a stepping stone to using services like VATSIM.

Edit: I agree with @Neo4316 's post, below, about information privacy when it comes to processing voice in the cloud:
I do hope that there would be an option for offline voice processing.

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