ATC custom call sign and flight number no longer work,Is everyone ineffective or a personal problem?

ATC call sign no longer works. At present, when ATC calls, it is my aircraft model, rather than the customized combination of call sign and flight number

Mine did that too all of the sudden a few days ago, so you might want to select the plane, then select “Customization” and make sure the Tail Number and Call Sign are filled in if they’re missing. That’s what happened to me. Best of luck.

Yes, my fuselage registration number is correct b-9955, my call sign is Xiamen air, and my flight number is 9955, but when ATC talks, I am called Boeing 787 instead of Xiamen air 9955

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Currently, you have to place your ATC call sign in the tail number field. to get ATC to use your call sign. If you place your call sign in the call sign field ATC will use your tail number.

Also ATC phraseology needs a total overhaul


Check out this post, maybe same issue/solution: