ATC does not provide departure SID or approach STAR

I don’t understand why ATC does not provide departure sid and approach star

I flew the C172 G1000 from Norwich to Manchester yesterday, used the globe planner for low IFR and it gave me a routing that included the Dayne STAR to an overhead at MCT for an ILS. No problems with the ATC or the STAR.

It works it you do it at the planning stage, however, I think what the original poster is saying (or at least what I have observed) is that if you choose leave the runway and Sid/Star and runways blank at planning time and let ATC assign the departure and arrival runways, then it will not assign Sid/Stars at that point. It will give an approach and a transition, but no standard procedures.

Not sure how it works in the real world, but Ideally, i would like ATC to give me the Sid (based on departure runway) and as I get my clearance and while enroute, give me the STAR and approach information based on arrival runway.

It’s been my biggest complaint about the sim. They don’t even give vectors for landing when they say they will. Embarrassing

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