ATC Dropping My IFR Flight Plan

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While in flight at cruise altitude, ATC suddenly gives me the “flight following” option and nothing else. My IFR flightplan disappears and all I have is “nearest airports” list.

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Climb to cruise altitude. Fly for a while

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Updated SU9

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What Plane?
Responding to ATC or AI ATC?

Aerosoft CRJ900
Sorry, IFR AP? Not sure what you mean by AP.
I was about to request a lower altitude prior to the approach and looked up to the ATC window and my only option was “nearest airport”. I lost all options to interact with ATC and ATC started treating my plan like a VFR plan. It was strange.

That’s ok.

IFR is Instrument Flight Rules and AP is Auto Pilot.

You cannot fly your IFR Flight Plan like a VFR flight and
expect ATC to stay with you.

If you don’t communicate with ATC they will cancel your IFR Flight Plan.

If you don’t do what they request of you, they will cancel your plan. (As in, change of altitude.)

You can activate Auto ATC in the options so that your co-pilot will communicate with ATC.

But, you still must do what they tell you to do.

Thanks MSFSRonS. Yeah it was just the “AP” I wasn’t sure about. Not sure if you meant autopilot or approach. Sometimes I may step away from the computer to do something with the kids, for example, during a flight. ATC will definitely cancel my IFR plan if I am not there to respond, but I can always reinstate it by requesting to “retry old IFR flight plan”. This time, I was sitting at my computer, and it simply switched to what would be a VFR plan without any request from ATC prior to that. It is a new phenomonon for me. I have never seen this behaviour before. I have, however, had ATC drop out on me a lot - you know, the one-sided "silent ATC’ but audible pilot/copilot responses.

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