ATC in other language

Hello !

In the future, possible to add the possibilite to choose the language of ATC ?

Exemple :

1st option : All ATC in English
2nd option : All ATC in other language (Exemple : French)
3rd option : ACT in local language (France => French. USA => English)




My improvements proposal

  1. For Casual user (making sim more user friendly, wider range)

    • All native languages which are supported by Azure or Windows
  2. For Advanced Simers (Its increase imersion and make more organic experience)

    • All languages supported by ICAO (If I good remember was in past topic about it)

Pure advanced level is eg. English with french prononunciation (High imersion)


and more ATC localization instead of pure ICAO phraseology anywhere, also using the phraseology closer to that IRL:
1.use “point” instead of “decimal” in the US
2.use “three”, “thousand” instead of “tree”, “tousand” in the US and Canada (maybe UK AUS NZ etc also? That’s beyond my knowledge…)
3…use “Altimeter”/“QNH” according to the region
4…when saying the altimeter reading, say the number with out readout the “decimal”(i.e. “two niner niner two” instead of “two niner decimal niner two”)
5.more ATC voice choice…


Yes it could be really nice if we could change atc language…

Go go go !

English is the language of aviation, but to make it more friendly I can see how this would help

In german uncontrolled airspaces you will communicate in german actually. Might be the case for other countries as well. So its not the general language of all aviation


Actually per the AIM’s English is the official language of aviation, even on UNICOMM. Might not be how it is int he real world, but that is how it is in the regulations.

In france, if you want to speak only in french, its possible.

And, on airport with the autoinformation, the language is only french.

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I would like to have the choise to set different languages for the game and the ATC. The english ATC is much better than the german one. So i would like to have a DE-US setting for the language.

Hi, possible to add Czech UI and ATC language? i can help with it if Asobo want.

Yes I would like to see a choice between the sim language , in example German and the ATC in English.
By the way, in the 90`s was a simulator available which had different accents ( local accent for instance English speaking Italian and so on ) but I guess this is too much to ask for.

all pilots regardless of country, need to read and speak english as the primary language for interaction with all other pilots…just because you are with locals that are more comfortable with the language and use that local language over the local radio traffic doesn’t mean a rule isn’t being violated without being enforced. Just because I drive 5mph over the speed limit and cops don’t pull me over doesn’t mean I’m not breaking the law.

In the US, there IS TREE instead of THREE…i hear it all day long at KDAB and KMCO and KSFB on ATC’s side where I predominantly fly. Just because the pilots are too lazy to use it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. I’m glad the ATC system is instilling the rules of aviation.

If you want to make an arcade version that allows local languages for ATC, I guess thats fine, but for realism, it needs to be in English only.

Stop trying to take this simulator and dumb it down into a game more and more losing the quality introduction to realistic aviation. If you want to get real enough to use ATC, then you’re going to have to understand English the same as a real pilot would.

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Do you use WUN, FOWER and AIT in real life because thats official ICAO phraseology. The only thing I hear actually being used in real life is NINER…

But yeah different languages would not add to the realism, different accents maybe. In France they refuse to speak English on the radio so that would add some realism :sweat_smile::joy:

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Maybe this helps:

I actually would like it in the accent of the country
For example a French speaking English :slight_smile:
It would be more realistic
Full other languages would be nice too

It’s “tree” in Germany as well, if ATC is done in English. This is not legally necessary, though. The BZF 2 is the document necessary to be legally allowed to do ATC radio communication on national VFR flights. In German.

BZF 1 allows you to use English or German on national VFR flights.

So using German is not only permitted by law, depending on your qualifications you might even not be allowed to use English.

Only IFR flights are done in English exclusively (AZF).

With the mixed or unintelligible language problems apparently solved, I think we could go a step further and add an ATC language option without affecting the previously chosen general language of the game, so the player could choose what they feel most comfortable with.

You should create a request in the Wishlist forum for that.

I found that existing request:

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Hopefully “they” will replace the male voice that always sounds as if he’s annoyed. :grinning: