ATC Keeps Repeating The Meter Weather

I’ve noticed after Sim Update 11 for some unknown reason ATC keeps on repeating meter data millions of times over and over again.

Did you make sure you’re not inadvertently tuned to a nearby ATIS transmitter, perhaps on COM2?

That’s the way it is in real life. Tune to ground, departure or whatever is appropriate.

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I noticed this too for the first time yesterday. It didn’t matter what I tuned my radios to, the ATIS message would repeat and repeat non-stop. The only way I got around it was to fly far enough from the airport where the tower let me change frequencies and then I used the ATC window to tune away from it.

I also had the bug where I could not hear my own transmissions out, so maybe the two are related.

This was loading from the runway. Didn’t try it cold and dark. Will do that next time I notice this bug.