ATC keeps telling me to go around even if the runway is clear and I have a landing clearance

So for some reason the ATC always tells me to go around even if the runway is completely clear and I have landing clearance but other aircraft that have landing clearance after me land just fine, is it me doing something wrong or is the atc just broken?

Did you hear ATC telling recently landed planes to exit the runway? At busy airports, when I see live flights coming in to land on the same runway, I tend to extend my downwind a bit. They can sometimes take a while to taxi off, and if I turn on base too soon, by the time I am on final they are still on the runway, and I have to go around. I keep an eye on the planes call sign, and when I hear them request taxi to the gate, then I turn to base. Never had a go around using that, though my downwind can get progressively longer. :wink:

I’ve had a few cases where I am told I am number two in the sequence, I can see one plane off to my left, and in the distance another one who is third. I turn on to base between them, and by the time I have turned on to final, that jet overtakes me overhead, and I get told to go around. Savages! :joy:

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But for some reason I am still told to go around even if a plane has already taxied of to its gate and I’m moments away from landing, the last transmission on ATC before my landing is like 2 minutes before my landing which is more than enough time to exit the runway. If a plane was taxing of the runway still I would probably be told to go around way before.

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Possibly, but if they only just taxied off the runway, that is almost certainly it. If you didn’t hear that plane request taxi to gate/parking, then it hasn’t exited yet.

Ahhhhh ok so basically if the plane just taxis of the runway without requesting taxi permission, the game thinks that the plane is still on the runway. That seems to make sense as for some reason no body asks for taxi permission they just taxi off as they like. :rofl:

The only other people you will hear on ATC will either be Live traffic, or AI. Other humans can’t force a go around.

If you remember what you hear after landing, when you decelerate to <40kts, you will hear ATC tell you to take the next exit off the runway. As you cross the hold short marker, you will then be told to change to ground. The AI/Live planes have to do that also. You only hear that when you cross the hold short marker, so if you don’t hear that from them, then they haven’t crossed it.

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I always ignore a go around instruction and continue with my landing. Hahaha.

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There’s an issue of timing on ground operations, where the exiting aircraft has cleared the runway but the AI doesn’t consider it clear. AI will even cut you off on final, many Offline AI planes.have either accelerated to overtake and land or disregard queuing as No. 2 and cut an impossible right angle short final from downwind to land ahead. AI…needs work.


Yea this sucks, happens when you’re like 500’ above landing.

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Ever since disabling AI traffic to avoid CTDs I’ve never had to worry about this. There’s an upside right there.

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With SU 5 just released I am suddenly having this issue, even though I’ve never had it before in hundreds of landings. Every - single - time, at about 20 seconds from touchdown.

The kicker? I am playing with no AI/live traffic! There are literally no other nameplated aircraft anywhere near or on the airport.

Perhaps there was a debris or obstruction on the runway that they’ve noticed and told you to go around because it would be an unsafe landing?

Yes but auto thrust begins and flaps go up so it becomes tricky

That shouldn’t happen on its own unless your copilot assist takes control.