ATC Low Altitude Airways

I thought Low Altitude Airways were good up to FL18. ATC keeps telling me to go higher. Plane is not equipped with O2??

Is this a bug?

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This has been covered often, but yes. When ATC tells me to head up to FL190 in a C172, I quit using it.

you can request a lower altitude.

Which is a major PITA, especially when you get ready for approach and they try to send you into the stratosphere again when you’re only a few miles out, and once you’re in the vectors phase, you don’t get that option anyway.

No thanks. I’ll stick to VFR and use my GPS when visibility is low.

You need to open the NAV LOG in the world map before you start your flight. Even if you set the IFR as Low Altitude Airways, the ATC will follow the altitude assigned in the NAV LOG page. So open it, and change the cruising altitude accordingly, and the ATC will follow it instead.

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When in low visibility, you are not VFR. Just saying.

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I did change the ALT in the NAV Log to 10,000 but ATC still insisted that I go to FL23

But you can’t until you are at the ALT that ATC sent you to.
Besides in an aircraft without O2 how would I get to FL22?

Personal Comments:

Some airspace limitations exist where there is a minimum altitude regardless of the class airspace you’re in. You might also be in a SID/STAR where there is a minimum altitude on the route.

This is why it’s important to use a separate flight planner for now outside of the sim stock flight planner (like Little Nav Map or others) where you can see overlays for airspace limitations, whether you’re getting routed over a SID/STAR and you can see your vertical as well as lateral profiles in detail. Build your plan there, then import it into the sim. For the most part, the sim will respect the plan details.

Hi All
I can concur, it’s best to plan outside the msfs2020 planner
I use LNM and set my desired altitude usually I fly low altitude airways
Sometimes LNM warns me that it is unable to generate the route as there is a conflict with my desired altitude and a altitude restriction at a certain point in a Star,Sid or Waypoint and I think it’s these points MSFS adds into your plan at times and ATC will force you to that altitude.

What I do in LNM is get it to auto generate the low altitude legs between my SID and STAR /ILS fix…it then generates waypoints taking into account your desired altitude and doing this so far I haven’t been asked to climb to a rediculous altitude my aircraft isn’t capable of .

Hope this helps

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This is a long-term bug in the ATC that is yet to be fixed. Also, many times ATC won’t even let you request another altitude (especially if you have begun an approach sequence).

There are 3rd-party ATC options that do a decent job, though since they work thru SimConnect there have been performance issues for some. As frustrating as ATC is for now, I continue to use it, but turn it off when it goes into unrecoverable operations - when an option isn’t even available to cancel IFR at times, I simply change the frequency to get some peace and quiet, then continue to follow the charts and IFR procedures.

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I have a problem with ATC assigns an altitude too high whenever I use LittleNavMap to create my flight plan. LNM puts waypoint altitude restrictions in the flight plan notes but not in the flight plan file. ATC gives me climb instructions to my cruising altitude instead of the proper waypoint altitudes. When I use MSFS World Map flight planner, the waypoint altitudes and speeds are in the flight plan file. ATC then gives me the correct waypoint descent and speed commands.

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