ATC Makes Me Go Around Every Time

#XBox Series X using the MS Store version.

No matter what runway at any airport, even the abandoned airports in North Korea with no traffic in sight; whenever I’m on short final, ATC will always tell me to go around. I think ATC thinks I am the “traffic” in the way that automatically gives me the instructions to go around.
For example: I will be flying the Airbus A320 on short final. ATC will tell me to follow the Airbus A320, even though I’m the only Airbus A320. When I’m about 500 feet from the runway, ATC will think the traffic “me” is in the way, so it will instruct the real me to go around.

Does anyone else have this issues?

(Also on Series X)
Another one of the issues I’ve had yet only on sometimes, mostly fine though. Perhaps try turning the Ai traffic off and see what happens. Turning this off has been useful for some.

Yeah it works fine with AI ATC off, but who wants to multitask haha. At short final, the focus should be landing the aircraft. It is tough to jumble pointing and clicking on ATC requests/replying and also landing at the same time.

No I meant the AI traffic, not the ATC, it should be in traffic settings in the general settings section. Sometimes the generic aircraft doesn’t spawn correctly or in time, even to a point that I and others have reported, literally landing on them on the runway as they’ve only just rendered at the last minute. Thank god you end up clipping through them. Likely why you can’t seem to see them. Real time ATC should be fine though. Don’t be afraid to just land anyway, you don’t seem to get penalized or anything and you can still call ground services to taxi etc. Hope that makes sense to you.


Ahhh I gotcha, I’ll give that a try. Yeah, I land anyways…but I’m trying to make it as real as possible for full experience. Obviously AI versus real life will never be 100% same.

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I’ve had this issue for a while now, even after disabling AI traffic.

I have had this problem before but I have never had it again.