ATC messed up descent request

Aircraft: Iris PC-21
Version: SU14.
So I was instructed to climb to FL220, then instructed to FL300, well my aircraft can’t go that high so after I acknowledge the climb I requested a 8000 feet descent and ATC recognizes that as a FL920 request :smiley:

What is your Cruise Altitude in your flight plan? If it is 30,000 ft, ATC will give you climb instructions to that altitude no matter what the aircraft is.

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Minneapolis CTR: Bond 01, expect FL920.

Bond 01: Expect FL920. Main rocket engine ignition

Minneapolis CTR: Bond 01, roger. Contact Houston Mission Control Center.


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Cruise altitude was 10k feet…
Funny that I tried to set it to 12k and it would revert back to 10k…

Well you are Bond. He can do all sorts of crazy things. :grinning:


I don’t know what the surface ceiling of the PC21 actual is but since it has oxigen onboard, I guess you can get pretty high with it.
Important to switch the de-icing equipement on.
By the way: this is my ‘daily’ for several months now and it takes me from A via B, C, and so on to Z.
Happy :small_airplane:

Service ceiling is around 25000 feet, once I was able to go as high as 28000, really slow climb…
I also use it daily as a built a cockpit around it. It’s a joy to fly :slight_smile:
Usually ATC assigns me up to 21-22000 feet, I rarely change the altitude assigned in the world map and ATC then figures it out.

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I tried default ATC the other day for the first time in well over a year.

Departure ATC: Climb and maintain 12,000, expect FL330.

Me: [climbs to 12k]

Departure ATC: Descend and maintain 11,000.

Me: [sighs]


Centre ATC: nothing

Me: [Over 5 miles beyond TOD] Request cruising altitude decrease by 10,000.

Me: [At FL230] Request another cruising altitude decrease by 10,000, followed by a further 5,000 feet.

Arrival ATC: [wakes up] Descend and maintain 5,000, expect rwy 32R.

Me: [Resolves not to use ATC until BeyondATC or come good]

Personal Comments and Observations

I stopped using the World Map for pure planning and have only imported plans into it from Little Nav Map starting around early '21 (?). I’ve never had these ATC moments, other than the well-documented nagging that occurs during the last leg to the IAF if I fly a STAR (because ATC doesn’t know what it is). Strange.

I still use the world map because it’s easy to just select departure/arrival, then IFR low altitude airways, SID/Stars and be done with it.
Will take another look at LNM.

In the Navlog on the World Map, you set your Cruise Altitude to 12,000 ft but it was reset to 10,000 ft when you pressed Enter?

Yeah. Need to try again tomorrow and see what happens

Thanks for the correction… it is indeed service ceiling instead of surface ceiling :sweat_smile:
It amazes me that they ‘forgot’ to design, built and install a prop with adjustable blades.
Ploughing through thin air is a waste of fuel and performance in my humble view.
They must have had reasons for not doing so but I’d expect it on a bird with a price tag of $1 million… The cost of the ejection seats can be a factor of course but I must be missing something.

Nice project btw…
Happy :small_airplane:

That’s an older issues I think, though I’ve not seen one that high. I’ve seen it do the opposite quite a few times, where you request few thousand feet lower, and it adds them on top instead. But not to that degree.