[ATC] Popout Windows: Change scaling (DPI/Size)?

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I’m flying on an ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 laptop which has a built-in second screen that pretty much acts like a second monitor.

Whenever I pop out any of the PFD’s (primary Flight Displays) and move them into the other screen, it usually works great, especially the map!

However, when I pop out the ATC or NavLog window and move it into the other screen, the text and clickable options get very… VERY tiny!

Note: The resolution of the second screen is 3840x1150, but I can change it to 1920x550. Yet it doesn’t make any difference at all! The text is still tiny!

Is there a way to change the size of the text and buttons, basically the Scaling /DPI of these windows once they’re popped out and moved off of the main screen so that I can make it larger? Resizing the popout windows themselves also does nothing…

Please help!


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Same problem, except reverse.

I have two screens with 1920x1080, one of them vertical. I put ATC and map in a separate window, texts are quite big and only 3-4 recent ATC messages will be shown on screen. Resizing the window scales its contents kind of weird, the text is always huge compared to everything else.

Same here. The pop out panels are fine, it’s just those from the toolbar that suffer the text scale issue

There are two settings in the software that allow you to scale things. Look under Options - General - Accessibility. You’ll find “Minimum Text Size” and “Interface Scale.”

I have a 1440p monitor as my main screen, but a 1080p mounted vertical for my Map (VFRMap), and the ATC pop out, and the Camera pop out. I had to do some tweaking of these settings in order to not make the text and menu’s on the 1440p screen too small, but I managed to find a setting that worked for now (until I get another 1440p to mount vertical).


Result (a bit fuzzy - it’s a dark studio):

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Hi there,
I am currently shopping for a laptop to run FS2020 exclusively, and seriously interested in the Duo.
Can you please tell me how it performs in terms of fan noise, when the settings are on High or Ultra?
And are there any limitations you have observed when running FS?
Thanks. I hope you’re enjoying it. Seems like a really great machine.