ATC provides runway allocation far too late

Although far from perfect, I do like to use the FS2020 ATC when flying the A320neo. Many of the inbuilt ATC idiosyncrasies are tolerable but for me the most frustrating by far is receiving a runway allocation far too late in the arrival phase. At which point the pilot has already checked the ATIS for the airport, loaded the appropriate STAR and approach phases into the MCDU only to be told very late of a different runway allocation by the ATC. At this point it’s just too late to change the STAR to the correct one for the new runway and the only recourse is to exit the managed LNAV mode and switch hurriedly to manual autopilot entry. This is far from realistic. In the real world, the PIC is given both the STAR and the runway well before descent. Including any transitions and vias if they apply too. At the present time, the FS2020 ATC seems to know nothing about STARs (or indeed SIDs) but if it could at the very least provide the runway allocation at the destination airport 20NM before descent that would be enormously helpful, realistic and professional.

Yep atc is tough. Always asks me to contact tower for landing clearance with about 15 secs to go so usually never get clearance and just land.

MSFS knows STAR, SID and APPR with my G3000 TBM 930
According to me, real problem is in arrival:
you should receive ATIS ( Including RWY in use) 80 NM before the airport and not around 25 - 30 NM as actualy.
Too late !!!

You’re right. MSFS does know about SIDs and STARs and they can be selected in the A320neo MCDU. Or indeed a/c equipped with the G1000/G3000. In my experience, however, the MSFS ATC never issues SIDs or STARs in connection with an approach. And as you say, once an approach is given, it’s often far too close to the destination airport to fly realistically.

should be easy to change for MS/Asobo :wink:

I have been experimenting using ATC. For my last two flights (KSAV to KATL & KATL to KCHT) I have flight planned using LNM the flight as IFR. I loaded the flight plan into the sim leaving it as VFR direct in the world page. Fired up the DA62 to chosen runway. The IFR clearance in the sim kept the altitude I had selected in LNM. I took off and established climb and course (somewhat unrealistically). ATC handovers were fine on the first flight but I was forever changing Atlanta Centre frequencies on the second. I had no change of altitude called for in the cruise sector.

On both flights I got told to the approach in very good time so I was able to set it up on the G1000. The runway was the correct one, i.e. into wind landing. Altitude changes were called correctly according to the approach plates and were in a timely manner. So this was ATC at its best.

I will try to add a STAR and/or approach in LNM and see what happens.

Yes, I complete agree with this. The runway assignment and approach transition are issued way too late. Flying the Airbus A320new, I’m halfway through the STAR for an expected approach and then the ATC runway assignment derails that entire process. Even with the FBW mod, changing the FMC and setting up for a different runway is hit or miss at best. I’m at the point now I’ll either listen for ATIS as I approach the airport (provided way before ATC figures out what they want me to do), or I’ll use the FBW MCDU call for ATIS information at the arrival airport. Either one gives me more reasonable time to configure for approach. Last couple flights, I’ve abandoned ATC altogether. Even considered an alternate solution pilot2atc, but, wasn’t too impressed with some of the YouTube reviews.

It would be a welcomed change if this aspect of ATC could be fixed. :+1:

Agree with you, and I supose it is easy to fix it. I hope Asobo take into account this post.


I also agree, this should be adressed in a further update to overhaul ATC. This ATC seems to be nearly the same one as in FSX.

i think…
msfs is for GA. not for airline (a320 b7370.
ATC can only manage the nearest 8 Airport .
if airports are crowded, they will only appear in the atc menu if they are close.
So ATC is suitable for slow GA aircraft.