ATC Question about Taxi Instructions

At KPHX I am parked at a parking space “Ramp 16” at the intersection of T and C. Technically I think at East Holding Bay (EHB) the taxi instructions are as follows
Taxi and hold short runway 26 using taxiways
EHB, CHB, C, T, B, B13
I could leave park right at C … Is the EHP, CHB a mistake or is ATC making me go the log way around.
Seems it would not be as safe?

Thanks for your input

Might just be routing you to keep you away from the terminals and Customs? Or we might be giving MSFS ATC too much credit :slight_smile:

Just a thought.


You’re fine. Hop on tango to bravo down to bravo 13 and hold short 26. Report in to tower you are holding short 26 ready for departure.

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If ATC taxi instructions are not optimal for you, you can take whatever taxi route works for you. ATC will not bother you.

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