ATC Radar (similar to that in FSX)

Wish: Please include an ATC radar like there was in FSX.

FSX had a “Radar Gauge” - In effect you could be in a Tower, and have a Radar Gauge, that displayed aircraft tracks, on a radar screen, and then you could act as ATC, for planes in Multiplayer …
Many FSX owners liked acting as ATC… it was defiantly something that added to the sim,.

A sub-set of the radar Gauge also acted as a TCAS type system, if installed in a plane.

The RADAR was effectively a Plane, with a few gauges, that was located in the stationary position of the tower, at tower control room altitude.

Technically, the radar gauge was a Dll, controller by XML, with an optional 3D rendering of the internals of a Tower, and the ability to look out the windows, at the airport.
(Initially, maybe no 3D interanl control room, just a view out of the window to view the airport and the planes located there)

Assuming ASOBO has access to the original FSX source code, it should not be too difficult to re-make a radar.dll for MSFS, with the supporting XML Gauge.

MSFS would greatly benefit from an ATC Radar … please consider adding one to the sim.

You can sign up to IVAO or Vatsim and use their controller software.

Not really –

Youbcan Join Vatsim, train to be a controller, and control on their Network.

What you cannot do, in MSFS, that you could do in FSX, is to have a private MP session, with Friends, and have some be ATC and some Pilots.

Not everyone wants the Formality of Vatsim, or to go through the training, and that’s fair enough.

But what they would like to do, is fly with Friends in MP, and have some be ATC, and some Pilots, in a less Formal Setting.

Many, in the past doing this, have found they LIKE being ATC, and then go on to Vatsim and trained there.

You cannot use Vatsim’s RADAR on your own MP session…

Does Vatsim not have an “observer” mode?

Yes, so you can OBSERVE, but obviously not Control !!!

No you can’t but OP was in my opinion mostly talking about using the radar as some type of TCAS but maybe I’ve just read it wrongly.

Btw, I gotta check if there’s already an “tower view” plugin for MSFS.

OP was mainly talking about a RADAR, that could also be used as a Non-real life Radar gauge in a plane.

Well, maybe it would be a Full radar gauge in a E-2C !!!

I absolutely agree…Not having ATC radar Kills Multiplayer for me!

There was a Great “RADAR” system in FSX ( Radar.dll) that was controlled by xml gauges, and provided user friendly Radar Display “worldwide” without need for extra “sector files” like the Vatsim type Radar systems need.

Not everyone want the highly complex Vatsim type radar systems, or to spend the time learning how to use them… and obtaining the sector files, which only exist for limited Locations.

One assumes that amongst the source code of FSX, Asobo also got the source for radar.dll

It would be great if that could be brought up to date with MSFS 2020, and added to the product.

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Indeed…or failing that, a third party developer takes it on, which I imagine, given time…will happen. Fingers X’d

FSX has the code – a Radar.dll that provided XML control of a radar system, but that as never picked up in MS Flight, and is probably less than compatible with MSFS, even with some extensive modification.

But there is an Ideal App, to provide a Radar Station within MSFS -

Little Nav Map.

It certainly can be configured to provide most of the information a Non Trained ATC may need.

However, one problem, that is NOT LNM’s fault, and also is a disappointment for using LNM in a normal MSFS Multiplayer situation.

Asobo has not provided a way with SimConnect to be able to read MSFS Multiplayer Planes from MSFS, so they “COULD” be displayed on LNM.

LNM can display Vatsim, and PE traffic, because MSFS does support INJECTING AI aircraft into MSFS, but it does not support (DESPITE REQUEST EVER SINCE IT WAS RELEASED), for simconnect to read MSFS MP Traffic.


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For all those waiting to get a slot to even train as ATC on Vatsim, this would have been an ideal place to experience the fun of acting as ATC to a group of cooperating pilots.