ATC regression: Unable to tune frequencies manually

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It used to be possible to tune frequencies in the virtual cockpit manually, such as tower, or Centre, and have the ATC dialogue change automatically. But this only worked, for airports, if you were already on the nearest airport menu. If the frequency you changed to was somewhere on that list, the ATC dialogue window would change to reflect your available options for that airport.

That no longer works now. At the top of the window you can see it reflect the airport you are tuned to, but the ATC dialogue options do not change. You have to manually select the airport you wish to interact with, then the frequency change will be acted upon.

Ideally the ATC dialogue window should update no matter which menu you are on, if it matches Centre, and a frequency that matches an airport whose frequency matches. For untowered, I believe it used to pick the nearest airport on with that frequency. Not ideal, but understandable.

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While in flight, tune COM1 to a known frequency for a nearby airport. Nothing will happen in the ATC window. Click “2” to go to the nearest airport menu. Change frequencies again, and nothing will happen. Now click on the airport you want to connect to, change COM1 frequencies, and XFER. You will see the ATC dialogue change now.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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This does not seem to be a problem with automated frequencies like ATIS. I only notice it on frequencies where I need to interact with a controller.

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After further flights, I’ve not been able to replicate this now. Is it still not working for you?

Hi @KellyHrdina , is this still not working for you?

Hi @hobanagerik and @N316TS , sorry I didn’t respond earlier.

I haven’t flown for the past few weeks, but I’m pretty sure that during my last flight the ATC was still behaving the same. For example:

If I’m maybe 100 nm from my destination, I might pre-program COM1 to be the destination airport and COM2 to be destination ATIS. I will hear ATIS once I come within range, but if I want to request landing clearance I still need to go through the Nearest Airport menu and select the destination airport for COM1.

It’s possible that COM2 would give me the menu item to tune the tower frequency after I hear from ATIS. If I get the chance to fly this weekend I can check on that.

Thanks. I’ll keep the bug open. I don’t fly that often, but I do fly using manual tuning and this has not happened to me, so hopefully it’s gone for you, too!