ATC-related - Stutters appearing after flying for a specific amount of time!

Ok, I have done some testing and so far it seems like it is reproducable.
My fps are limited to 50. I usually get good and smooth performance (flying in South America, no photogrammetry). At first I thought it happened on specific locations, mountain areas.

Then I started saving the flight when the stutters are getting worse. Overall performance is still good, fps are solid, but every few seconds is like a mini freeze. I can see the red spike in the Dev-counter, while everything is otherweise green.

So when I reload the position where the stutters happened, everything is smooth again. No stutters at all. So I fly around that area, back and fourth between two airports, I use rolling cache, so the area is already on my disk. Still, after about 40 minutes the stutters start to appear. At first very few, but from there on it only gets worse. After 5 - 10 more minutes, I get the mini freezes every few seconds. Save the flight, restart FS, load the flight, stutters are gone. Fly around the same area, after about 40 min. stutters are back again.

  • System memory is not full. I have 32GB, when stutters appear, system is using about 12 GB
  • VRAM is not full, during the flight VRAM usage is about 6 GB, my card has 8 GB
  • No heat problem, all temps are fine
  • No bandwith problem, bandwith usage is below my 50 mbit and area is already in rolling cache
  • SSD usage is fine

Below is a short clip, showing that the stutters even occur when pausing the game via esc. Everything is frozen in place. I’m still able to look around via TrackIR, but after a few seconds I put my cap away, the image is completely still, but you can still see the red spikes in the dev-counter.

So, what is it that happens after about 40 minutes that introduces stutters?

Any idea?


Yes, I have noticed this too. After a long flight in my Cesna 172 I start getting stutters, FPS remains good everything is good but the stutters begin after some time. I use Simconnect so I wonder if that is the issue, but I have noticed this.

Also, after landing and turning off the aircraft, the stuttering goes away.

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Could it be track IR? You could check task manager to see if a program or service starts running in the background? Also try turning all aircraft traffic off

Forgot to mention, I am not using simconnect.

Just curious, have you tested this without your Options window open?

Options window ?

I already tried disabling TrackIR when the stutters started, made no difference.
Also task manager is not showing anything suspicious. Only the usual stuff with 0.X% CPU time. MSFS is the only thing using 33%. Everything else is below 1%.

Oh, you ment the options window after pressing esc?
Yes, that makes no difference. I was just testing it and it shows that even when the options window is present, the stutters (red spikes) are still happening in background, although the sim is virtually frozen (actually paused).

Have you tried disabling all live traffic and weather?

Yes, I am not using live weather or live traffic.

I just did another test.

Different location, different aircraft. Previous tests were done with G36. This time with the C172 (G1000). Now I’ve flown around St. Lucia, caribbean.

Again, after 35 minutes the first stutters appeared. 5 minutes later and the stutters were already prominent quite often.

I also forgot to mention, during the stutter phase, it seems that spoken ATC causes additional stutters (red spikes), pretty much everytime the pilot or the tower says something. I tried to switch from Azure to windows offline ATC, but that didn’t made any difference to my surprise!

ATC definitely is somehow involved. In the latest test flight I could force the stutters even before they usually occured. I tried to radio with the tower every few minutes. And after about 20 min. I got the first stutters, always exactly at the start, sometimes during, and always at the end of an ATC message. It was 100% reproducable!

Again, overall performance is good. 45 - 50 fps. Very rare stutters (red spikes) during the first 30 minutes of flight! It only starts after at least half an hour.

BTW, the option for ATC log is set to off. But all the ATC messages are still present during flight. But the stutters also appear without the ATC window open.

i have the same problem too after flying for an hour and on short final stuttering starts to exist. ASOBO please take notice.

I wanted to know if you manage to find something about it. For me patch 2 made it worse.

I am having similar issues. Right before the patch I was running the game to my satisfaction full medium with 30+ FPS even in high quality photo areas. This required many workarounds and tweaks because i’m on a pretty low-end machine. I had made many long distance trips without crashes such as seattle-Anchorage and Houston-Denver. In many areas the new patch improved performance, but in built up areas its definitely worse. Now im having trouble landing the TBM at Seatac with out stuttering and crashing, its pretty much impossible. Even small airports im getting major stutters. I don’t know whats causing it but something broke on my end, especially with glass cockpits, which i now run at low refresh rate.

I did notice that even if I turn off all traffic and set the object LOD to very short, I still get major stutters when I get close to airports and sometimes even CTD. ATC definitely seems to be related to the issues because many CTD’s have happened in the middle of ATC conversations. I wasnt having any of these issues in the previous release.

Erkinn31 made a fix so that you can limit the amount of messages displayed in the window. I think it works for me.


Scroll down, there is a newer version.

Have you put Zendesk (link at top of page) tickets with your details? It will help them a lot to get their internal testers working to figure it out so it can be fixed. Thanks! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Yes, I have.

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I dont use ATC at all so i guess its not the cause of my stutters.

Just as a note, prior to the latest patch I removed all my addons from the community folder and added them back afterwards.

I just forgot the ATC-fix. Today I had a longer flight, without any ATC caused by myself. But at the end of the flight I got a lot of messages on the currently active frequency concerning other flights. And it took not very long and the stutters and mini freezes appeared too. It was then when it came my mind that I might have forgotten the ATC-fix. I finished the flight and looked in my community folder.

And yes, it was missing.

I was just mentioning this as a reminder that this issue is still present after the patch.
It is 100% reproducable on my system. I wonder if this is just a very rare occurrence on some systems or if actually many people have stutters caused by the ATC window, even when it is closed and they never use ATC actively.

I get major stutters, whenever roling or moving the airplane. It stutters. I have a pretty mid-high end PC that should be able to play on high no issue… the stutters only have started since the patch.