ATC requests for backtrack runways

There are a number of airpots in Australia that have a single runway ie YMHB that require backtrack permissions from ATC however in the sim ATC tells you taxi to holding point but when they give clearance for takeoff you only have the option of a midfield take off, no backtrack to rwy30 or rwy12


We have similar issues with some of our airfields here in New Zealand including my old home NZNV.

I am going to move this thread to the #self-service:wishlist section of the forums. I hope to see this feature in the sim one day.

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Oh yeah… Same in France and French Polynesia with small airfields. Have a look at Bora Bora :wink: Ok, it’s kind of specific field with AFIS.

I dream having backtrack message capability, with ATC remaining take off distance available and… Let’s dream again : what about intersection take off clearance ?


Nothing more useless than the runway behind you :grin:

I think this is the same problem I have been struggling with on a custom build of EGHC (
There are 2 taxiways A and B that end at hold shorts on 2 of the runways, you then have to use a combination of the runways to get to the threshold of the one you want.

I have tried different combinations of taxiways but either get warnings about a runway incursion, taxiing too fast once I start to take off, or just a lack of ‘taxiway guidance’.

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There’s a lot in the US, too.

Some GA airports like the one out in Grove City PA required to back taxi and we have no ATC option for back taxing on the runway

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