ATC Seems more talkative

Tonight I timed it.
After receiving clearance to land there was not more than 3-4 sec between ATC calls for the next 3 min. I could not ack.

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I’ll try it. But I don’t have much hope. Did a flight yesterday. I again lost ATC voices about halfway through the flight.

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I just tried a flight from KJAC to KDEN. I lost Azure ATC voices yet again mid flight. Happens every single flight. I honestly thought I read where Asobo had fixed this. In typical Asobo fashion it was not.

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I wish I would lose them.

That’s a bummer; I offered that suggestion as I was suffering the same problem and it worked for me.

I only found it by accident; I forgot to hand over the comms one time and once I remembered I was in the air. Once I did hand it over it was ok the whole flight. Every time I tried it after that it worked.

I hear that.
Sometimes every aircraft they talk to is “Daher” and that gets so annoying I switch channels and ditch ATC.

I went VATSIM recently. Not looking back. Even in an area without a controller it is still more pleasing than the stock ATC. :joy:

Would be nice to hear some more regional accents in the default ATC, without needing to install 3rd party stuff.

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Yeah, I brought that up some time ago and it got a lot of likes, so it’s a popular idea. I don’t know how easy it would be to do, but things like (say) a generic Europeany-sounding accent for Europe (insert region of your choice) would be an improvement.

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Go play with this demo of the Azure “text-to-speed” engine, and then imagine the selection of regional accents being implemented in the MSFS ATC…

While it may not improve the technical content of what is said, but it sure would l sound a lot better !!!

Unfortunately there is no way to shut off ATC except changing the frequency on the radio, or switch off the radio.
ATC is always tuned to the runway frequency, and always babbling on the same lines on and on and on.

NOOO I am not ascending to 10.000 heading to this-this-this and doing this and doing that while heading to airspace bravo and whatnot when I taking off with my private glide plane to check some beaches boats and yachts - low and slow. :smiley:
The line “ATC services terminated” when ignoring the babbling and constant loud chatter for five minutes is always the most beautyful thing to hear in every flight because peace and quiet follows afterwards.

Of course one can turn off the ATC in MSFS, Its an option in the Menus system

I installed Nijntje91’s ATC mod, and changed “Good day” to “Have a good day” and every time it is spoken it sounds sincere, not like the “Good riddance” attitude we get now :smile:

Anyway, the whole mod changes ATC to the point that there are no more yo yo’s from controllers on altitude, slow proper descents, and a whole slew of other changes.

Try it, it is worth it!

ICAO - EU - UK ATC Phraseology Mod V3.0 - Third Party Addon Discussion / Tools & Utilities - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

If only there were a USA version !!! @anon50268670 :wink:
( unfortunately, maybe a little too late in asking :cry: )

“Good BYE !” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
replace by
“Have a nice day” :grinning:

Been there, done that, haha, OMG, this poor Boston Center controller around Manchester, NH a couple of months ago. I had to wait over 7 to 10 minutes before I could finally get a word in, and through all that, managing a bunch of planes that seemed to show up at once, he was warning me of aircraft around me (and them of me as I was approaching and then flying through the Class C on my way to Nashua). Fortunately he was eventually able to pass me off to Nashua Tower before I got too close.

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I’ve been doing a lot of flying with the voices turned off, with lots of AI traffic around it’s the only way to get a word in edgewise. I’m finding it performs much better as well, providing timely altitude change requests on climb and descent and usually providing you with approach clearances far enough away for you to change it if required (seems to really love it’s VORDME approaches). I’ve even flown missed approaches under ATC guidance, aside from the lack of vectoring it still responds in a timely fashion when you reach your GA altitude and as you circle back to the IAF.

Almost feel as though the lag in Azure voice generation throws out the routines causing all the wacky altitude requests and late clearances.

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