ATC Services missing. It has been like this for months

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no mods here

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All ATC services are missing at smaller Canadian airports

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Select smaller airports such as CYAM, CYSB, CYTS and other small Canadian airports, and try to access ATC services. The only option is the traffic frequency. This happens in both the MS Store version and the Steam version

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since SU10

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Hi @Stalinator1944
I suspect they’re treating “smaller” uncontrolled airports just like they’re treated in the U.S., which is that you frequently cannot directly contact ATC services until you’ve gained some altitude and are able to reach the nearest appropriate antenna. This also happens at airports that only have part-time ATC (e.g. Tower services available from 0700-2200 hours local time).

In the U.S., there are many times when you file your flight plan over the phone ahead of time, and get a time window in which to take off and contact them (normally you’d hear something like “ATC clearance is valid for 30 minutes from scheduled takeoff time” in their response. If you can’t make that time, you need to refile the flight plan and get a new window.

As a result, you normally do typical uncontrolled airport radio calls (over the appropriate freqs) “in the blind” (i.e. without knowing if there’s anyone actually receiving the message) and notify anyone in the area of where you are and what your intentions are (takeoff departing east, etc). Once airborne you will contact ATC and get their directions.

So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this setup, unless those are controlled airports. Right now, I don’t think the sim actually handles “part time controlled airports” correctly (i.e. they’re either controlled, or not controlled. They disregard that the it may only be a part time airport).

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These are controlled airports, the ground services and stuff used to be available all the time before sim update 10. I currently work at CYSB and we deal with international flights like sunwing airlines. IRL we have someone here in the tower around the clock. I’m just disappointed that I can’t take off from certain parking spots because even in smaller aircraft they require a push because the aircraft is nose in against a hangar.

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Voted! As a suggestion, you might want to indicate in the “brief description of the issue” box that the airports are controlled airports, rather than just “small” airports just to avoid a misinterpretation. There used to be another thread related to “controlled airports being shown as uncontrolled”. Not even sure that one is still open or not. I’ll try to find it and you might want to add those to that list.
Thanks for the info!

Navigraph only shows an ATIS and CTAF at Sudbury:


Charts 8 shows the following for the airport Comms:


So it’s a Navblue data issue most likely. I was thinking this was a BGL airport file problem.


CYQR and CYXE are some more Canadian airports that only have the traffic option. No tower or ground services.

Do Navblue also treat all “Radio” as “unicom/traffic”?
In some parts of the world they are very different.

For example, Japan loves these “radio” controlled airports. In their terms, this means an airport with proper tower ATC, only that tower controller is not in the airport.

For example, Noto (RJNW) has a “radio” channel, where you can contact a controller who is physically in Osaka, and controls Noto Airport via camera feeds and weather stations that feeds stuff all the way to their office in Osaka. They have a very particular procedure for that, different from both traffic channel and proper tower.

Sadly all these airports are treated as uncontrolled airports in MSFS, and some addons even simply change them to a tower frequency (such as RJNS Shizuoka addon from

ok this is really starting to frustrate me, for like 6 months now I haven’t been able to fly anything out of my home airport FIX THE RADIO LET ME ASK FOR A PUSHBACK YOUR CANADA UPDATE BROKE CANADA

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I’m having this issue, too. Any fix yet? I use CYXU as my home strip and I haven’t had ATC for a while. Really immersion breaking.

Issue reported for that airport, you can participate there: