ATC should have more natural pauses in their speech

ATC seems to read the lines without any regard for punctuation or pauses.

I understand that in real life, ATC is required to talk fast; somewhere between the wpm of a rapper and a cattle auctioneer. But this is ridiculous and makes listening to instructions very difficult when my callsign and the instruction are so blended together.

Does anyone else here feel the same way or did i just learn listening to ATC wrong from years of playing FSX where the ATC makes generous pauses between callsign and instructions?


Yep, they are an auctioneer.

Try landing at CDG and wait for taxi instructions:
Taxi to gate J37 using taxiway W3 WT T RT7 R TL7 TL6 GE10 E TJ3 P5 E10 P4

Ground said it so fast… Taxi to Gate Juliet Three Seven Whisky Three Whisky Tango Tango Romeo Tango Seven Romeo Tango Lima Six Golf Echo One Zero Echo Tango Juliet Three Papa Five Echo One Zero Papa Four.

Would need someone in the cockpit who knows shorthand.

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Yes, I think you’ve pointed out a good place for a simple improvement.

In the real world, its perfectly acceptable for a pilot to request the ATC to slow it down, something roughly like “Seattle Ground, Cessna 152 GHO, Say Again, Speak Slower”.

This is as much an accessibility issue as it is a realism one. There is an ATC log you can read, but engineering the option to have the azure ATC voice slow its cadence down when requested is something that should be available.


I know this is an old thread but I need to add that it isn’t just the speed of delivery - the pauses are there, just in the wrong place - in Viscous’ post it would be ‘SeattleGroundCessna15 2GHOSayagain…’ And the other thing really bugging me is ‘O N E’ for ‘1’ as above ‘Cessna O N E 52’ but it doesn’t seem consistent - sometimes ‘One’ is pronounced correctly and sometimes it is spelt out in the same message.


The ONE drives me nuts also, hopefully addressed in todays update, installing now.

okay that gave me a good laugh, LMAO

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I’ve noticed this, too. In big airports it’s really hard to receive taxi instructions without reading the text. “AlphaSixAlphaEchoFoxtrotLimaBravoFourCrossRunwayTwoFiveCharlieNovemberPapa”.

Christopher Walken strikes again !

I hope my co-pilot wrote this down. Or have a parrot on my shoulder to read back.

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Hahaha! That sounds exactly like my experience with ground!

Fortunately, I heard on the last Developer Q&A that they will be implementing some more natural-sounding voice(s) at some point, but who knows how long that will take.

I always taught my students “The time you gain by rushing your transmissions you will lose if the pilots respond SAY AGAIN”.


That’s good advice. During my ground school there was a CFI that said the same. There’s too many pilots that ramble it.

I worked at an airport that wasn’t controlled and pilots would call in. The commercial pilots were clear, the some of the private pilots I had to have them repeat it.

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HI all. I had a look through the “incorrect phraseology” thread but that was a fairly technical debate on what ATC should or shouldn’t be saying. My issue is a much simpler one. In these days of sophisticated Test to Speech software, why does the SIM ATC make such a mess of voicing a simple instruction? I’m talking about when it says something like
“Airbus A5-EYF : Taxi to and hold {pause}
short of runway {pause}
23 via {pause}
taxiway cross runway {pause}
28 {pause}
A Airbus EYF”.

OK I’m maybe exaggerating there, but weird misplaced breaks in a sentence does nothing to enhance realism, and I don’t understand why the ATC can’t be as good as the TTS engine on my phone speaking a sentence it’s never seen before and yet getting the stress and phrasing right.

Another great example of this today.

ATC: Cleared to land runway 2 {long pause}
ATC: 3 Landmark 2387.

for a 23 approach.

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The TTS engine is actually doing quite well. But every time it has to process repeating letters or numbers the output sounds a little bit like a machine gun :wink: Is there a chance to add some ‘modulation’ or variety to it?
BTW a (slight) local accent could probably contribute to realism too.