ATC snafu

I’m flying the Caravan from Norfolk KORF to DC in the nav log I put my TOC to 5000 ft 20 miles out of DC ATC tells me to climb to 13000 ft any reason why this would happen.

ATC will randomly instruct altitude changes that a) disrupt your TOC/TOD calculations, b) materially deviate from your planned cruise ALT, and sometimes c) exceed maximum ceiling of your type aircraft.

In short, it needs work. :slight_smile:

I tend to try and work with ATC by requesting FLC as appropriate, but after a while, I just wait out the various “expedite your climb/descent” calls until I get handed off to Approach/Tower.

Did you add a STAR? You could be joining a leg with 13000 as the minimum altitude.


A lot more detail is required to help answer your question. Which airport in DC are you flying too? Is it a default airport or an addon? Are you IFR or VFR? Direct or Low Altitude airways? Are you using an approach to get to the airport? If so which? What did your whole flight plan look like, and why were you being told anything other than enter a left or right downwind or base to land?

If it’s an addon and the creator made their own approaches, if they didn’t also create all the associated waypoints (usually because they didn’t realize they needed to since those same waypoints already exist in the game), then that will cause ATC to send you up to 12K or more. That’s just one example of why.

ATC will do this with IFR and GA aircraft - and have since early on. It once tried to tell me to take the C172 up to FL180.

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Thanks Clyde that was my error. Appreciate the feedback…

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