ATC Squawk Callout - cool

So, not a complaint but I found this very interesting and cool. Sort of a bug in this scenario but it really jumped out at me.

Flying the A320 and plugged something into my keyboard.

Apparently this reset or disturbed my transponder.

Got a call from ATC saying " XXXXXX, your transponder appears inoperative or malfunctioning, reset squawk to XXXX"

I have never had this happen before, nice touch for the ATC to notice and call it out.

I know plugging something into your keyboard or any other USB drive shouldn’t do this but I am impressed ATC caught it. There have been a ton of issues when plugging in/out, but I do think it is getting better overall.

Anyone else notice this in this situation or some other situation?

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This has happened to me at the worst possible times like on final approach. I either have to find the transponder and update the squeak code or ignore ATC completely which eventually results in “Service terminated.” Not sure why this is happening. I don’t think transponder is in the failures menu

Also, just found out my autopilot was disabled as well. Not sure if that is normal for this situation or if it is supposed to happen.

Note to self: Don’t plug in your e-cig and then go get a beer…Should be in the operators manual.

I changed mine intentionally while trying to find out the ATC’s capabilities some days ago. A nice touch

And I’ve had every thing OK with the wrong squawk code.

Didn’t FSX have this functionality already? :thinking:

This is not how the real world works especially during final approach. So definitely a bug with MSFS logic.

Everytime i plug in my wireless headset to USB to charge the game freezes for several minutes or seconds and all my axis lose their positions. Throttle goes to zero, prop pitch goes to zero… its weird but yeah they still have some usb stuff to work out.

I’m afraid you have inadvertently wondered into a wrong topic for this issue


Not really, they were talking about connecting usb stuff and some things acting weird. I was just agreeing.

Turn off your sirens forum police there’s nothing to see here.

If you rotate the least significant digit of your transponder momentarily off frequency and back on again
the ATC will treat it as a call for a transponder frequency check.

Wrote a thread on this yonks ago!

I do not manipulate the transponder in any way, and I have this issue sometimes. Worse when can’t locate the transponder instruments of certain aircrafts.

Inoperative, malfunctioning…hmm…may be one day we could have the ability to declare emergencies and such. That would be a dream come true.

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As you are probably aware, in the real world, certain XPNDR codes mean different things.
But it would be nice to have ship to ship [sorry, aircraft to aircraft] radio comms, in sim.


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I did replace this with proper ATC phraseology in my mod. This transponder malfunctioning call is non-sense…

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