ATC third party

Hi Captains, Cause I don’t want to use vatsim, so I want to ask about ATC third party, Is there any ATC simulation third party properly works? Including payware.

Thank you

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Pilot2atc. It is payware but it has one week free trial.


Pilot2ATC. Works like a charm. Real-world procedures, moving map and voice control

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If this sim would let us do what we have done (and still do, actually) for around 20 years in the older versions, life would be brilliant. In FSX in recent weeks, we have been able to do

ATC sessions (with some seriously qualified ATCOs )
PAR or talk down in almost impossible weather conditions.
An air race series.

Point to point with two or more airfields offering full cover and services, both air and ground overseen by area based radar agencies.

And all this with quality radar and ATC cover, working comms and within a fluid, dynamic environment that really works you out and leaves you thinking that the last few hours were worthwhile.

If MSFS allowed Multiplayer broadcast at least, we would have a start. This would allow Little Navmap and others to display users in real time and with user info available to controllers. Working comms can be got around at a push, but require prior knowledge of other comms platforms which is limiting. Hopefully, for me anyway, steps will move in this direction at an early opportunity


Don´t know why everybody praises Pilot2ATC. The robotic AI Voices are the worst in the whole flight sim industry. Same like the default X-Plane ATC. Immersion= 0

But check out the week free trial or some YT vids and see if you like it.


Yes plus now dosent interact with the ai traffic of the sim you ganna get clear to land when a ai plane is landing or taking off, the pilot2atc version was made for p3d and xplane and some functions works in msfs but i hope soon theres a alternative to the terrible default atc logic

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Same here, tried and didn’t like it.
First and foremost it has a clumsy interface then wants to do too many things. Why a moving map where there are plenty of better options out there. Not to mention the price, same as the whole sim.
Stick to ATC and make it perfect and cheaper (rant over :smile: )


can’t agree: there are a lot of very natural voices available - even with particular accents, although some of them not for free.

There’s nothing comparable to Pilot2ATC really, except VATSIM/IVAO of course. It’s not perfect but it’s still the best choice out there. Combine it with X-ATC Chatter for a more immersive feeling.

You can find more realistic voices if you search around, although most are not for free. The trick is to use all of them together rather than just one voice so that you can have some diversity. It’s true that Pilot2ATC doesn’t interact with AI but IIUC that’s not the app’s fault. It’s Asobo that need to open up the SDK for ATC 3rd parties. Wouldn’t it be awesome if 3rd parties could also gain access to Azure voices?

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There’s more than just VATSIM, for the west coast US (currently?), there’s also
and others…

Obviously, I can see how these would be intimidating. But, don’t be. There’s people there to help and train.


Check out PF3. Like Pilot2ATC, it offers try before you buy, though the demo is restricted to flights of less than 200 miles which makes it a bit harder to test for airliners. I’m still demoing, but I suspect that I will buy this over Pilot2ATC.

Pilot2ATC can be an excellent solution, but it is only as good as Windows Speech To Text, which–at least for me (despite extensive training)–rendered the application less than stellar. I found that it was very difficult to be understood and some of this was the application just not being smart enough. For example, “United 553, Flight Level Two Six Zero” was never understood, but if I added an “at” then the application would recognize what I was saying. Despite claiming to handle natural language, it seems a bit too hung up on exact phraseology. IOW, it doesn’t seem to use a probabilistic approach to speech recognition that would correctly guess what you really said. I will also say that if you are primarily flying airliners, I wouldn’t recommend it. Having to manage the radio calls along with everything else is too much work. There is no option for having the pilot not flying handle the radio calls. There is a menu system that allows you to bypass needing to speak, but it is just cumbersome enough to make your life more difficult under what is already a high workload situation.

I did like the ATC behavior generally. I got sensible instructions and it would tend to give climb and descend according to SID/STAR type clearances. But for the fail with the voice recognition, I probably wouldn’t have looked elsewhere because the immersion is good. I also liked the moving map that is included with it. I don’t need it for IFR, but having VFR charts included was great.

Like I said, I will probably go with PF3 (though I’m still demoing). It seems to be more customizable and has excellent support. Not only can you have the FO handle the radios, you can choose to have them handle just the frequency changes, handle the radios completely, or handle the radios and the autopilot. In A32NX, the latter setting generally worked for setting altitude, heading, and speed. You can also choose to speak directly to ATC (though I haven’t tried this, given the problems with speech recognition that I had with Pilot2ATC). Other great things include SELCAL for ocean flights and hundreds of different voices so you will get appropriately accented ATC depending on where in the world you are flying. It also incorporates a level of randomness into ATC instructions. For example, I got a “climb speed unrestricted” clearance below 10,000 feet last night. Overall, I found the level of immersion to be excellent.

Anyway, others may have different experiences and different preferences, but I highly recommend taking advantage of the free demos for both products in order to determine which is best for you. Both products are complex, so I’d encourage reading (or at least skimming) the lengthy documentation to get a feel for the product features. There is much more to both products than I’ve mentioned in this post.


For free:

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can you play as atc?

MCE, Multi-Crew Experience.


Have to agree MCE is fantastic and the support is even better.

BJ from OZ

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No, you can’t as far as i know.

That’s not entirely correct. There is an option in P2ATC to handle all response calls from ATC and tune radios as needed. It won’t initiate a call, for that you have to use the selection menu or say it.

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There are some wonderful FSX groups that specialise in ATC sessions. We can’t do this in MS2020 and I am amazed that we can’t. As I have said elsewhere, this is a massive retrograde step.

If we had working comms and the sim broadcasted multiplayer aircraft as radar returns for 3rd party clients like LittleNavmap, it would be fantastic. I have been doing this for well over 20 years and remember doing these sessions (and formation flying) on a 9.6KB modem. Why not now?