ATC view in MSFS

So from what I understand there is no ATC view like in the previous sims, but I wonder if it’s possible to move the cam far enough from the plane to make it look like what an observer would see or like a flyby view. I switched to the outside and can move the view around a little but don’t know how to move it farther from the plane or have it stationary.


The PERFECT solution for “causal Community ATC” in MP would be LNM.

But currently LNM cannot retrieve MSFS MP aircraft data, because the functionality is missing in MSFS’s Simconnect.

So some reason, MS/Asobo do not not want even talk about this (see Q&A’s), and there is not a big enough push form the community to try to make this happen …

So, in the foreseeable future “NO RADAR CLIENT” for MSFS.

In cam option in the up screen bar there is the Drone section,there you can fly with the view wherever u want,super cool

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Thanks but I’m still not quite sure how to set the view up. I can switch to the outside view and select the drone options but whatever I do I can’t get it to zoom far enough out or move the cam far enought away, even though I looked up the commands online. For example say I’m flying over the desert in a fighter jet but I want to the camera on the ground and instead of move with the plane just track it with the camera.