First: I’ve searched the forum without finding an answer to my question. So please bear with me if this has been asked before.

The other day I flew a local VFR flight from EHLE to EHLE with live weather.
Before entering the ctr I monitored the ATIS. It told me wind 030/07 kts, temp 2, dew point 10.
This can never occur and seems a glitch, but that’s not the point. ATC sent me to rwy05 based on this ATIS.

I checked the METAR from the weather menu and that told me wind 280/05kts.

Landing on 05 with the tailwind cost me 75% of the runway. According to this METAR I should have landed on rwy23.

So my question is if this is a common thing that ATIS and METAR are providing conflicting information?

I’m a little confused by your explanation, but if the actual wind was 280@07, then you should be told to land RW23. If the actual wind was 030@05, then you should be told to land RW05. Is that what you were expecting?

As to why ATIS and METAR didn’t agree, I don’ t know that one :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I was confused too. I accidentally mixed up the readings of the two sources :confounded:. Changed the question accordingly.
Next time this happens I will post some screen shots, so that we can discuss this in a better way. I did make one, but after landing it was late and I switched off the PC quickly, and forgot to save it.

I noticed same issue and opened a bug report for that: ATIS not Matching METAR

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