ATC window, can't move

So what was the deal? Tell us instantly, mate!

(tried to put it in caps for dramatic reasons but the forum software refuse to accept it as a sentence)

I ended up re-setting the atc switch in the cogwheel, as you suggested and…badabing, badaboom!

I had been trying to figure this out for weeks.

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Now that you have the ATC window displayed again:

When you start the sim and press your “ATC bound button” to display it, does it know to go to the top left monitor, or do you still have to push the little button next to the X button?

The setup looks great!

Haven’t tried it today, however in the past, the window did open on the slave monitor, which then was on the left side. I’ll find out tomorrow.

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Oh, so you’re using DP daisy chaining? I remember this has been the cause for at least some monitor-related trouble in the past for me.

What is DP daisy chaining?

It’s where you would use a monitor with DisplayPort OUT to connect another monitor with rather than connecting both monitors to the graphics card separately.

You can connect up to 5 monitors with a single connection to the GPU that way.

My monitors are each connected to the graphics card. The atc window does have to initially triggered to my upper monitor by clicking the arrow button. No big deal though, just have to do it once.


Excellent that it is working out for you! It’s just another step in your procedures to accomplish.

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