ATC window, can't move

I run the sim on an ultra wide @ 1440. I also have 2 smaller monitors (1080) above the main one to run navigraph, etc. I have tried everything I can think of to move the atc window on one of the smaller monitors, to no avail.

Any tips?

So, that little button doesn’t work to undock the window from the main screen?

No, the window just disappears.

This maybe a window position problem (X/Y).

Have you moved your displays around? I just tried it with my ATC window and it does remember the last position that the ATC window was placed at. If you have changed your NVidia window placements then the ATC window may be going to a bad X/Y position.

There must be a place, in a CFG file that they store the X/Y of the ATC window. It could be fixed there; I bet. I am not sure what file that would be though. Sorry.

To get around this kind of problem, I made my ATC window short and wide so that I could still see it while landing but I can always see the ATC window if needed. I bound the ATC window to a Streamdeck button and this works for me (Off/On).

I too have the atc window bound to a button, but I want to be able to have it appear on a different monitor, instead of on my main one.

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By looking at this I’m asking myself how have your arranged your monitors in Windows display settings?

I just tried to pull the “main” ATC window off of my main display and it does not go off the display.

Only the little button allows the window to go off of the main display. So, you will need to click on the little button that JudgeDrebb mentioned every time you want to use your top monitor.

It would be nice if the sim gave us an option to always display the ATC “Windows” window on an exterior monitor if we so choose.

They’re arranged in settings, the way you see here. I can drag and drop anything I want, except the atc window. I do know the function of the button with the arrow on it.

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Odd. Can you try to put the upper monitors left and right of the main one to see if it makes any difference?

That’s the way I had them set up originally, when my main monitor was a 32" 1440. It all work fine then, I could just drag the atc window wherever I wanted. Never been able to do it, since I acquired the ultra wide.

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Oh wait, that reminds me of a situation I had when I reinstalled my computer recently: when I attempted to move windows over the screen border to the other monitor, Windows would try to lock the window at the edge. I had to repeatedly “knock” against the border to make it move over.

I believe the feature is called “snap”. Maybe look it up in start menu search and check the related settings?

The thing is, I can move anything I want to any of the monitors, back and forth. In the case of that atc window however; it just disappears when I click on the arrow button. I then have to go into the drop down menu at the top to bring it back.

It’s getting odder. Maybe it gets placed behind the game window for some reason? You could try to go into windowed mode (Alt+Enter) and move the game window a little to check? Just to narrow down the issue?

I’ll try that

I held some hope with your suggestion, think the atc window ends up on the desktop and I could just drag it where I want. Alas, same thing, it just disappear.

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Thanks, Obama!

The odd thing is that it should behave like a regular desktop window the moment you undock it.

One last straw: have you reset all the toolbar windows inside the cogwheel menu?

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My bet is it, unfortunately, is off screen somewhere. Look around the edges and see if you can see a bit of it peeking out. It can also end up scrunched up into a teeny little bit you can barely see.

Sometimes the fix is to change the resolution of the screens so that the windows reset their positions.

When you hover over the icon in the taskbar, after you’ve told the window to pop out, do you see two windows under it?

I had a big problem with this with the developers windows for a while till I got them sorted.

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Got it! Thanks for the help guys.