ATC window in a separate screen

I’m really surprised that no one complains about the ATC window, how tiny the buttons and texts are when moved to a separate window. They are so small that the texts are not readable especially on a small tab screen.

I use a 10-inch tab as a second monitor for the map and other tools, every other window is displayed correctly but the ATC window resizes all the buttons and texts and I cannot figure out how to stop it from doing that. I would really love to remove it from the main screen. Any idea on how to stop the ATC window contents from resizing?

Well i think the problem is the fact that you use a tablet as your second screen for that window. There is no Asobo supported software for that case so i think they dont care (at least for now). If possible you should use a real screen connected to your PC and the issue is gone.

Not sure if this is the case or not but perhaps it’s something you could look at.

In Windows, each monitor can have its own scaling setting, and if I were to guess I would say that on your 10" tablet the scaling is set to something greater than 100%. That would make controls on application windows that conform to that scaling appear larger, but controls on windows that don’t handle the scaling would appear very small.

Regardless, I would take a look at what the scaling is set to on your tablet and play with that to see if it improves the size of that ATC window. You can see what your scaling is set to on your monitors by clicking the Start button and typing “scaling” to bring up those settings.

FWIW, I run ATC and VFR windows on my second monitor all the time and the size of the text is just fine.

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