ATC with Azure Voices down?

Hi everybody

Since today ATC doesn’t work anymore with Azure text-to-speech setting. No text and audio is avaible.
With offline voices seems to work.

Anybody is faced with the same problem?

Yes I am…it just started about 2 hours ago.

Same, extreme delay in ATC messages.

The same here. I had to move to offline TTS for now.

Same here, text is working but no text to speech

Same Here: delay, text is working but no text to speech

Same in Europe

Same Here. extreme delay in ATC messages.

Same here in european servers

Add me, bad lag, and I hear the controller but none of my responses.

I just flew between 5 airports in England. I had text communications from all airports, but a few did not have audio (Warton tower, Liverpool tower, Blackpool ground). My responses were shown in text and also audio.

It’s good again on my side.

Hopefully they will optimize this feature in the future as to be free from the hiccups that occur when ATC talks using Azure voices. Or maybe one day provide azure voices in an offline pack? :grinning: :wink: :wink: :thinking:

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I had this last night also. Switched to offline audio - it actually sounds better, not sure which audio packs I have downloaded and active but my male ATC guy sounds like he’s smoked 60 a day.

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So … Pretty realistic then.

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I’ve noticed that sometimes he sounds like Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazard! (Even though I’m presently flying in Africa)

I see no reason to go back to Azure to be honest. If offline dialogue audio could be broadened to different language/accent sets it would actually be much better.


I might be having the same issue. The Azure ATC setting will sometime stop working. The ATC text appears onscreen but no voice is heard. Restarting MSFS does fix this but not 100% all the time. The OFFLINE setting is fine though.

I don’t enjoy listening to American accents in the places I fly (UK, Gibraltar, Singapore, HK, NZ) and understood that if you switch off Azure and use offline, you’d get the chosen voice from Windows voice settings. It is just not working: I have the UK language pack and set Hazel, Susan or George but I’m still hearing only a male American accent - just doesn’t fit with Queenstown NZ in any way possible :grimacing: