ATC Won't work... (New PC Install)

Hi, new user here. I have never been able to hear air traffic control. I’m still flying the “training” sims from Sedona, but still don’t hear any radio traffic when I fly the exploring sim over San Francisco. I have looked at all the settings I can find. I have checked to see if the radio is on.

It has to be some really simple noob mistake or lack of knowledge…

Thanks in advance…

You would think that if you are at an airport with other players you’d hear them getting clearance or talking to ATC as you do, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

I only hear “others” in the form of AI traffic, and then only when close by.

Like just now I flew into Long Beach and the only “not me” radio calls I heard was an Southwest coming in behind me to land. That’s it. Even then it was just then making initial contact with the tower. Never heard them talk to ground, which I should have while I was taxiing to parking.