ATC Wrong Altitude

Flying from Anchorage to Fairbanks in B350. ATC keeps telling me I am 1,100 feet above assigned altitude but I’m not. Barometer set correctly and Little Nav Map also shows me at correct altitude. I tried doing down 1,100 feet then ATC says I’m 1,100 too low. Never seen this bug before.

When setting the Baro, are you entering it manually or pressing “B”? If you havne’t tried that, give it a shot.

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What altitude were you flying at?

It happened to me too yesterday while a was flying with the TBM930. ATC said I was 500ft above, but my altitute and barometer where correct

If below the transition altitude (which right now is globally in the sim as FL180), just hit B a few times ENR. It’s become second nature that I dedicated one button on my throttle quad just for that.

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Yep tried that…didn’t help…first time I’ve seen this bug. Once I got to 17,000 feet problem goes away so something obviously with the transition alt.

Do you know if this b Burton exist on Xbox? because i know this Buton on pc but i don’t find it on console

It can if you use a keyboard with the XBox. Or check the Control Menu for Barometer as a keyword and assign a controller button to it.

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