ATIS randomly starts playing over and over?

So today when I flew to KORD and out of KORD. The ATIS for Rockford airport randomly started playing over and over so I could not contact ATC.

Is there anyway to get this to stop happening?

I have had this too. It plays KCMI (Champaign, IL) ATIS over and over and does not stop. I had it with the CJ4 Working Title Mod and one other airplane. Changing frequencies did not do anything.

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Happens EVERY single time (100% occurrence) on way to Chicago, when you pass about 60 miles south of KORD. So annoying. Will not shut off, either.

It’s probably happened when you have the ATC page “opened” in the background. For some reason when the sim doesn’t shift the focus away from the ATC window properly, even though you don’t have it opened. pressing any of the buttons on the keyboard will feed that command into the ATC. So if for example your ATC is having 3 as the tune in ATIS button. Even if you don’t have the ATC window open, the sim is still having the focus on that invisible ATC window. So when you accidentally press 3 for whatever reason, it thinks that you’re selecting option 3 from the ATC window which will tune into ATIS.

Had this happen to me as well flying into Columbus (KCMH). Keyboard controls may be causing it but what’s strange is that it keeps repeating itself endlessly rather than just playing through once like it normally would. A temporary fix for me was to tune a different station and go back (which I had to cancel IFR guidance to do, maybe there’s an easier way though).

There’s multiple tabs in the ATC window that you can just select the other and tune in to a different frequency.

Flying over Puerto Rico, northern shore from west to east, at some point some small airport’s ATIS starts broadcasting on the same frequency as ATC. In about 5-7 minutes of flight, flew out of range and ATC was good. Frequency conflict

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I probably just heard the Rockford weather a dozen times as I was landing at O’Hare. It was so bad I never got decend instructions. I tried setting up the landing a second time to see if it would happen again. It started again.

Then when I landed at Ohare and started taxiing, the taxiway was shifted/broken and I crashed while taxiing. It has not been a fun day flying.

ATIS is supposed to loop continuously. Some of us cannot write down the information fast enough without listening to it two or three times.

There are a limited number of aircraft frequencies so having two airports on the same frequency is not unusual but the airports have to be a certain distance apart.

The exception is the CTAF for non-tower airports.It is not usual to hear a pilot report on downwind but you don’t see the aircraft. Well the pilot is flying at a small airport a few miles away but didn’t announce which airport traffic should be listening.

I have had the same issue at an airfield whereas there is no (non-tower) ATC controller. It is an airfield that has the pilot letting other aircraft know that they are announcing their position in flight at an airfield I am going to land at. It kept on repeating on Base over and over again. This must be a new bug that came with the update 16th February 2021.

Agree this is continual issue that makes using ATC for approaches into ORD useless. It looks like the frequencies for Rockford ATIS and Chicago Approach overlap. Would like to see this fixed or way I can manually work around this.

I had this 3 days ago flying out of KSFO in the “Working Titles” CJ4. Even changing the frequencies didnt help.

Having this problem also, Cj4 wt flying into KIAD, I get KOKV ATIS (it’s not even tuned in)and nothing stops it until I have landed.

This has been resolved with 1.14. Woohoo!

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its happening to me its playing over every frequency some random airport when leaving KSFO
KSNS atis plays on every frequency (for me it was caused by the working title GX mod)

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The problem of ATC repeating instructions continuously is happening to me in a variety of locations, not just KORD, nor just ATIS. It comes and goes, no pattern that I can detect. This makes ATC unusable of course as the ATC responses one can issue are also greyed out. So tuning to another frequency is the only way to exit this issue. Anyone seen a solution for this? This has been happening for many months now.

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ATC goes into a loop requesting plans just landed to take the next taxiway. I was 15 miles out and cleared to land when it started and it continued all through my approach until I was instructed to go around.
I am also getting the constant ATIS loop at KILG

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Having same problem. Any solution??

Mine isn’t doing it anymore. Maybe one of the 72 updates fixed it…

Still happening with me, tuning unicomm on VATSIM and getting ATIS