Atlanta, Georgia, USA (KATL) Missing Delta General Office Complex and Flight Museum - After Sim Update 5 (See Screenshots)

Prior to the July 27th update, the ATL airport correctly showed many of the more important buildings, such as the Delta General Office Complex and the Delta Flight Museum. After the update these buildings disappeared. Please replace these buildings. See before and after screenshots.

Yes noticed this right away. Miss Hanger one, the museum and “Fly Delta Airlines” sign. Hope they can fix this.

Also noticed that from time to time, jetways in KATL are missing? Anyone else noticed this or it just me?

Yes, many of the gates at KATL are missing jetways that were present before the update. MSFS, please restore KATL to the original state. It was perfect before the update!

Jetways are missing in ATL, parts of buildings and terminals are missing at KMIA and KSBP and probably many other airports.

Heard that the update 6 is coming next month. Hopefully they’ll be able to restore KATL and avoid breaking anything else. So I guess we’ll see. Like watching a kid with a hammer, just hope you can get it away from him before he does too much damage.

Once again, with update VI, handcrafted KATL is missing Delta offices, Hanger 1 and museum. Not sure if we’ll ever get them back. I wonder if KATL can be re-installed? Anyone have any ideas? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Any news on this? KATL is a great scenery but it looks odd without all these buildings.

Genuine question. How does something like this even happen?

I understand bugs in the code and with third party products, but missing 3D objects?

Scenery files deleted/removed from the server by accident? Surely if they’re not editing the airport in any way, than the files should be left alone? Are they recompiling the object libraries with different GUIDs and not updating the scenery files that call them?

Is the internal update process actually so poorly managed there isn’t a proper file/version (and their dependents) checking system in place? (I’m not in software dev so don’t know the correct industry terms, but hopefully you get the idea.)

Exactly! How do buildings that once existed at KATL suddenly disappear? Can we expect buildings in other locations to disappear with each MSFS update? The buildings were perfect replicas of the Delta General Office Complex and the Delta Flight Museum. Why can’t we get an answer as to why these buildings have disappeared?

Here are additional pictures of the buildings and jetways that have disappeared from KATL. Please restore this airport to the quality before the update was a spoiler.

Yahoo! The Delta General Office complex and Flight Museum have been restored! Thanks MSFS!

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Can’t believe it… they’re gone again! Anyone else noticed this or is it just me? Mayne need to check my graphics settings.

Well, after latest update 7, I’ve once again lost the Delta GO and Hanger 1/ Museum in KATL. Anyone else experienced this or is it just me? Any help greatly appreciated.

No, everything after update 7 still in place at KATL. However, I don’t have reverse thrust on the B747 or B737 using any throttle axis with the Airbus Thrustmaster Throttles. The A320neo and turboprop aircraft still have reverse thrust.