ATR 42-600 Gear Extension Speed

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Gear Extension speed has to be 170Ktn, but it extend only at 160Ktn

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All flight

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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I confirm , no LDG extention at speed above 160 kts
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We would need the advice of a real life pilot, because I do not remember such a ban and I did not find anything on this subject in my rating type courses.
On the other hand, problem on the flap circuit, there is a ban on extension with speed limit higher than VFE which is not simulated

Not sure if I understand, but if you aren’t an ATR pilot IRL, how did you manage to do a type rating course for the ATR?

That said, IRL on the A320, gear extension is disabled above Vloext, but there’s no such thing for the flaps. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same on the ATR.

I was an aeronautical technician and I worked numerous planes and helicopters,(REAL ones, not simulators) including the ATR 42 and 72, from the -500 to the -600 series.

I therefore hold ATR type qualifications in this capacity

Why do I ask for a pilot’s advice ? I repaired these planes, I didn’t fly them. I usually don’t give a definitive opinion if I don’t know.

The -600 have been in service since 2013 , I left a few years ago and as ATR is constantly evolving its planes, modifications could have been done to the systems that are not in my courses and which I am not aware of .

And NO , systems are not the same between aircraft . ATR is ATR , Airbus is Airbus , Boeing is Boeing , even if it looks the same . Each one has their own specificities

I never said that the systems are the same, but there’s sometimes the same design philosophy, like the rather unusual way of ATR to use colors for only two hydraulic systems.
This philosophy has been copied from Airbus, they have copied it from the Concorde and the Concorde has copied it from the Caravelle which had a green, blue, yellow and red hydraulic system.
So it’s of course possible that the gear/flap inhibt is identical on Airbus and ATR airplanes.

As you seem to be sure of yourself I will no longer allow myself to contradict you…

I have no idea about what you are trying to say with your quotes.