Atr 72-600 mode sel auto fault

Hello. Tell me how to turn on the automatic mode of anti ice, mode sel auto button. When i try to turn on fault lights up.

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Airframe pushbutton has to be selected ON to start de-icing of the wings and horizontal stabilizer. Press the AIRFRAME pushbutton.
Normal airframe de-icing cycle selection is automatically performed by MFCs, using ADC’s outputs.
MODE SEL AUTO pushbutton is released, no light is on.
As soon as airframe de-icing pushbutton is ON, de-icing starts following the FAST cycle as SAT is greater than -20°C.
Time base in the MFCs will supply dual distributor valves in the 1 minute cycle.
When SAT becomes below -20°C, ADC’s outputs state change, MFCs switch automatically from FAST to SLOW cycle.
Time base in the MFCs will supply dual distributor valves in the 3 minutes cycle.
Automatic cycle selection is performed by both MFC’s module B using both ADC’s temperature outputs.
Continuous monitoring of this automatic selection is made by MFCs.
If one of these components fails (no validity or discrepancy output) FAULT is triggered on the MODE SEL AUTO pushbutton.
Set the MODE SEL AUTO pushbutton to MAN.
Cycle selection can be operated manually with the MODE SEL SLOW / FAST pushbutton by selecting the FAST or SLOW cycle depending on SAT greater or lower than -20°C.
I have not tested the operation, and therefore not sure that it is simulated…

It looks like the auto mode is not implemented. After setting, when pressed, still fault.
Thanks for the info.

Auto mode is implemented ,this is the default operating mode …