ATR - Dimm or hide EFB

The thing I love the most in MSFS is the lighting, so I absolutely LOVE flying in dusk, dawn and at night but it’s kinda annoying to fly the ATR on these conditions because we can’t dimm or hide de EFB, and it is very bright. It should have an option to do it like PMDG DC-6 or the Bae 146.

agreed, way too bright at night

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Yes the tablet is too bright at night. Because of the eye adaptation feature of the graphics engine, looking at the bright tablet in a dark cockpit causes a tunnel vision kind of effect that takes a second to reset. Really annoying when you’re panning the camera around the cockpit.

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I’m surprised you can’t hide it because the just flight 146 had a secret button to hide it so im surprised the atr does not because I find it annoying, most of the time its doing nothing anyway

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I completely agree, I was hoping I was missing something. I just choose the page with the most dark colors on it to help


Checking in, is the EFB brightness better now at night?

I use the dim feature in the setup area of the tab and it works well. Very usable in the dark.

For me is fine. The brightness control works well and I can use at night with no problems

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It’s ok to my expectation, at lower 10% :

Still the left window issue at night, I will talk on the other thread though

Does anyone have problems selecting the trim but it returns to 0.0 and the landing gear sinks into the floor in scenarios made by third parties?

You should look in the Support\Aircraft & Systems forum if you can find any answer to your questions, if not, then create a new topic there.

Fixed in latest update.