ATR MFD not showing Route

I have an issue with the ATR in which the Flight Route that i enter in the FMC shows up as vectors in the PFD (the lower section, where the compass rose ist) but not in the Pilots MFD. Switching the scale or the modes doesnt have any effect. Otherwise the PFD ist working normaly, like showing the airport on full zoom. Have i forgot a switch or something?

Thank you

Try this :
ND mode (ARC, ROSE, PLAN), ND range and bearing pointers are selected using the NAV area of the EFCP-L/R

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Thank you. But actually … this time i loaded the aircraft it worked as normal … i will try again to replicate the issue. Seems it hast to do with “something”

Actually … no youre right … seems that i have had map mode enabled the last times and never tryed ND (for whatever reason) … thank you :smiley:

Happy for you , have good flights …