ATR TOD calculation

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during the cruise, when getting ready for decent, (all Alt as required by the STAR entered into the FMC) when selected a lower alt, the TOD marker shifts further along the route where the TOD would be for the selected alt. for example, flying at FL170, then selecting A090, the TOD assumes that the aircraft is now at the 9,000 ft and the aircraft will descend immediately when the VNAV button is pushed.

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In cruise, set STAR, make sure ALT constraints are entered. Select a lower ALT and observe the TOD calc move further along the designated route. Press VNAV and observe the aircraft take an immediate descent .

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Did you confirm (or reconfirm, because there actually is current altitude there) the cruise altitude on the PERF INIT page in the FMC?

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  1. Reach TOC.
  2. Enter your first STAR constraint altitude into the FCU.
  3. Go to PERF INIT and you’ll see that your cruise altitude also has changed to the STAR constraint altitude. Re-enter the correct cruise altitude again.

This bug reportedly will be fixed in the next update.

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