Attaching Logitech multi panel to desk

Any creative ideas for securing this to the front edge of my desk? Velcro would be easy, but I use the desk for other things and that would be in the way if the desk is used for writing. I’ve put some rubber feet on the underside to prevent slippage, but I still need to grab the panel to press buttons. A clamping device would be nice, but my keyboard sits just under the desktop on a pull-out drawer, limiting the “underdesk” space. Is anyone using a creative method for this? I know that I use my desk for too many things.

I mounted mine under the desk, by drilling a couple holes in the top of the mounting bracket and screwing it to the bottom of the desktop. Used velcro only long enough to decide where I wanted them, but the Velcro doesn’t hold them steady enough, so the screws worked great.

Later in the build (once my Bravo Throttle arrived), I stacked my two radio panels and one multi panel on top of the Alpha and Bravo units.


Edit: There are some additional ideas in this thread:

Ooohhh. I was there earlier in the year with this one… I had the brainwave of a cheap panel on my desk. It all seemed so simple and so cheap. Well, one thing led to another and that panel grew. Two Logitech panels were the real start point. Then, a 15 inch screen. Then a 10 inch tablet. Two stopwatches. LED top lighting. Streamdeck XL and an older 7 inch tablet. Cheap, it wasn’t. Effective, it certainly is. All the fault of that first Logitech panel. Be careful what you wish for :slight_smile:

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I hear you. I go through that with every hobby I start: Audiophile audio, audio recording, model building, ham radio, astronomy, and now flight simming. I have CDO; it’s like OCD but the letters are in the proper order as they should be. :wink:


I’ve just bought three of these.

It mentions using 8020 or 8040 Alu. extrusion but from the looks of it I think a single 2020 would probably work just as well.

I then just need to find a way to temporarily mount this pole on my desk, in some kind of clamp.