Attempting to fly around the world

To Vonzeigler’s point, real-life ferry pilots do cross over through Greenland in simgle engine prop planes like 172s, but they have aux tanks, as well as survival gear and HF radios for added safety. They also wait until the weather is going to be clear, because alternate landing sites are few and far between.

You could simulate the extra fuel by adding weight to the rear passenger seats, then reducing it when you simulate refilling the fuel tanks en-route. For added “immersion”, wear Depends and don’t get up from the computer until you land :slight_smile:

I’ve started one in the DA-62, IFR for the crossing but will try more VFR as weather permits (I’m using real weather only, which made picking a time for midwinter crossing interesting). My path followed one of the typical ferry routes: KBGR (Bangor) - CYYR (Goose Bay) - BGBW (Narsarsuaq) - BIRK (Reykjavik) - EGBC (Wick). I installed a third-party BGBW, and plotted RNAV approach waypoints following a plate I found online. Glad I did, since the weather turned on me as I approached Greenland (and I probably still came in a bit under minimums).

Yeah, I have maxed out the fuel but still don’t come close to crossing from west to east. Even with leaning the mixture. I’ll give it a shot from east to west. The winds are always blowing that way and strong. Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the aux tanks idea. And “Depends” are also a good suggestion. :grin:

The 172 is not really faster and I don’t want to fly IFR (I want to see the ground as in VFR). You can fly IFR in the Xcub so sometime, when it is boring, over water for instance, I put clouds and bad weather.
I am living in France and I am now in Laos in my trip so the problem with flying real time is the time zone (it is night when it is day for me). It is fun sometime but mostly I want to see the ground most of the time.

Cessna 172 would be a heck of a challenge.
Ya, the day night switch to your home land makes it tough, plus when you have time to do it.

I have completed my challenge, as I worked from Canada, through Michigan, Chicago, Nebraska, Denver Colorado, had to check out Aspen Colorado, cool ski lodge looking FBO building there…
I then flew to Prescott AZ, Las Vegas, then back to Long Beach in another rain storm.

I now want to look into my log book and add up all of the time and see how long it took me in he M339A total. I connected all the airport, and have a solid record that connects each airport through the flight I took.

Fun Simulator to actually be able to do this, and VR ran well throughout for me.