Attention: The NVRLA.EXE (Nvidia's process) produces great degradation on frames and performance!

Hi all!

Please pay attention and try to see if you have too this issue with your PC installation.

I have a 5950X + 3080 RTX + 128GB of ram and as many of you I was struggling a lot with the performance in the simulator and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my system.

Last night I’ve tried to play in VR for the first time after the SU6 update (HP Reverb G2) and I had moments were my fps were down to 5!!! Yes, 5! After a while FS crashed to desktop but my system continued to work in high speed and I could hear the fans working at 100%.

I’ve opened the task manager and the process NVRLA.EXE was on the top of the list and was high processing my system. I immediately searched on the web and I’ve found that this is a famous Nvidia bug which should be already resolved but is not!!! :rage:

Search on the web and you’ll see that the community has this bug for years now! Incredible!

NOW (solution):
I renamed the file to NVIDIA.EXE_OLD so the system won’t load it, and guess what?
My frames went up a lot, I’ve played tonight in VR at very high settings without any stuttering!
My frames are capped @ 32 fps, no reprojection, very smooth even over NY city! It was the first time I saw the simulator so smooth, specially in VR. CPU + GPU were breathing fresh air, finally!

So, if any of you have strange slow downs, try this, you have nothing to loose…
Here is the path to find the file: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\FrameViewSDK\bin

Hope some of you would benefit some smooth moments with your HW and this game.


Note: The process is present only if you install with your driver Nvidia Experience.


I do not even have the file nvrla.exe on my system. Could it be, because I always only install the driver and never Nvidia Experience? Is it part of this?


Yes, I’ve checked and it comes with Nvidia Experience.

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I found this then discovered I was running an older version of Geforce Experience, despite having installed the lastest driver package a week or so ago.

I have since updated my Geforce Experience to the newer version in the link and no issues so far.


Glad is working for you.

I am under Win 11 and I use the latest drivers + latest Nvidia Experience. I was very surprised to see that process taking so much power from my system…

I confirm that now everything works perfectly well!

What version is your Geforce Experience showing?

Hmmm, I thought was the last one but is the
I’ve install it from scratch when I passed to Win 11 a couple of weeks ago.

So the one I use is not patched!

Mine was that version too. Looks like the latest drivers don’t update GeForce Experience to the latest version.

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If you confirm then yes, this is what is happening!
Thanks for clearing this out. :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand, when you go to Nvidia site and you click on the Nvidia Experience link, it downloads always the and not the final patched one.

The “good” version is available only by using the link above, the one you’ve posted.
This is why the drivers install still the old version…

I don’t know why they had done it this way. Perhaps the newer Geforce Experience version is slated for the next driver package update.

Regardless, at least we have a link to the latest Geforce Experience version that supposedly fixes the subject performance issue.

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Excuse the question, but what’s the point of using Geforce Experience? I only install the necessary parts of the driver to get the best performance with DDU and NVClean install.
We have been installing nVidia drivers WRONG! - YouTube

Nvidia experience adds some features. Automatic notification for new drivers, The overlay for Gammefilters and screenshot/recording trough shadowplay. Also the possibility to stream.


I know, is a “stupid move” but I preferred using it’s own FPS counter which I find cool + automatic notification for the drivers and the possibility to take screenshots/videos during the gaming is nice.

But, after this experience, I guess tonight I’ll unistall it…


Try these…

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Thanks, I’ve noticed too.
Let’s see if Nvidia Experience is updated in these drivers this time.

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I only use GeForce Experience for its performance monitor overlay, but with multi monitors and VR its rare that it actually works (FPS counter shows N/A when it doesn’t) so I question why I bother with it at all. Might be time to get rid of it.

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And an hour ago, already uninstalled! :partying_face:

Any measurable performance difference now you’ve removed it?