Auckland conflicts

I am having scenery conflicts wit two merged skytowers and two merged harbour bridges, how can I fix this. Orbx Auckland and WU 12 installed.


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From the Orbx forums:

regarding the NZ mesh: the coming World Update will use the same LINZ source data as we did. About a third of the country is covered with 1-m LiDAR data, the remainder with about 10-m resolution.

The difference is that our package is pre-compiled at 10m while the MS version gets streamed at up to the full resolution of the source. Keep in mind though that this means that the sim will load and cycle through three additional levels of detail near the user aircraft, which can cause visible ground changes. In addition, we use different algorithms for generating the embedded LOD levels, which usually helps with retaining terain shapes at mid to far distances.

Once the World Update is released we welcome feedback from existing users; it’s a sizeable area to assess for pros and cons.

As for Landmarks Auckland, we have started the process of making it compatible with the new mesh, imagery, watermasking, and photogrammetry. Plus. we’re doing the necessary model optimisations to finally release an Xbox version as well


Yes similar problems at NZWN using FlightBeam WN scenery…with melting buildings along the runway edge…not sure how to fix this either…

Flightbeam have also announced they are working on patches for their NZAA and NZWN sceneries:

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ok…great…thanks for that.

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Flightrbeam Auckland v1.2.0 now available via Contrail:

The MSFS World Update brings a host of new visuals, photogrammetry, landmarks… and unfortunately some very complex bugs for a couple of our airports. This NZAA update addresses those bugs and also brings some improvements. Full change log:

  • Photogrammetry/TIN correction, which caused harsh, unblended lines in the water/land

  • Numerous stray auto-generated objects removed

  • Re-flattened terrain logic due to conflicting NZ World Update mesh

  • Gate corrections and Jetway attachment improvements

  • Runway re-alignment

  • Removed static aircraft per numerous customer feedback

  • Plus many more minor fixes.

Known issues/updates:

  • The current World Update NZ has caused our custom satellite imagery to become blurry if Auckland/World Photogrammetry is enabled/installed. We’re reaching out to Asobo to have this issue addressed.

  • The ILS deviation issue has been resolved by Navigraph. This was caused by incorrect data used by Navigraph. If you use Navigraph, please update to the latest airac cycle to avoid this issue.

Release schedule:

Flightbeam/Contrail webstore customers: The release is now live.

MSFS Marketplace: 2-6 weeks per Microsoft validation pass