Augmented Reality companion app

When I told my friends I’d be “visiting” them on a Friends & Family tour in FS2020, they immediately asked for an Augmented Reality app for their phones so they could “see” me fly over them.
Obviously, this is not a feature request for FS2020, but it could be one hell of an advertising tool, engaging, well, friends and family members of flightsimmers, and possibly creating enthusiasm among an entirely new generation.


Last night had someone doing some “out of the normal flights” over my house. Couldnt help but think of the stuff you see while playing multiplayer. Would be neat to see something like that come to life.

That’s an interesting idea!
With VR, they could watch them fly overhead as another player. Wouldn’t be AR, but definitely a workaround (of course, they’d have to buy Flight Simulator).

This could be a good addition to something like Volanta, rather than intrinsic to FS2020.